• We had an interesting situation come up in a game today. UK’s capital was under German control, and the US had re-captured Gibraltar from Italy, thereby claiming control of it. During the US Purchase Units phase, the US bought an airbase, intending to place it on Gibraltar. During the same US turn, the US liberated the UK. There was then some debate about what happens to the yet-unbuilt airbase.

    From what we deduced, the rules demand the following:

    1. Gibraltar immediately (during the US’s Combat Phase) returns to UK control.
    2. The airbase may therefore not be placed on Gibraltar, as the US no longer controls it by the Mobilize New Units phase.
    3. The US then MUST place the airbase on another territory they control during that Mobilize New Units phase. Because they have the ability to build the airbase (even if not where they originally intended to do so), the rules do not allow for receiving an IPC refund or deferring the building of the airbase.

    Can I get an official ruling on whether the above conclusions are the correct interpretation of the rules?

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    1. correct
    2. correct
    3. correct with the addition, that the US must place the airbase in a US territory they have controlled since the beginning of their turn.

  • Thank you. That was the conclusion we reached, and the airbase ended up, rather uselessly, on the West Indies.

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