Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Dec. 2018)

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    Welcome to the Axis & Allies .org Forums! Please feel free to use this topic to introduce yourself to the community. Or if you’re a long time member, feel free to re-introduce yourself.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself, for instance:

    • Where are you from?
    • What Axis & Allies games do you like to play?
    • How often do you play?
    • Do you use any customizations (tables, painted pieces) or house rules?

    Finally, when you read something posted here, please give it a heart/upvote and please be sure to look at the past introductions and give those hearts too!

    Past Introductions:

  • I live in the United States. I’ve used this website for looking at house rules for a while but have never made and account until now.

    I like to play Europe, Pacific and G40. I played my first game about two and a half years ago and loved it ever since.

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    Hello out there.

    I am the Midnight_Reaper. My interests include collecting and playing Axis & Allies games, collecting alternate rule sets, and devising alternate rules of my own. I also enjoy helping others, both in real life and virtually. I try to help answer rules questions when I can.

    I am also over on, going by Midnight_Reaper over there as well.

    I live in Maryland, am a veteran of the U.S. Army, and am working full time while attending college as well. Haunting the forums here and on BGG is something I do to stay abreast of what it happening in the world of games and what I do to unwind after a long day.


  • Hi there,

    I am Bravehart.

    I live in Toronto, Canada. I am originally from the South West of England ( close to Bristol ).

    This forums has helped me find many answers and gather new contacts in the community, which has been great.

    Europe was my first introduced AnA game ( 1999 ) , and I am talking the original Europe board. This was in 2005 where then my wife and I caught the bug and were drawn to WW2 and went bigger and bought Revised as we had in total 5 keen players interested in AnA.
    Today, us same 5 still play with an added 6th player to make G40 the perfect fit. We play during our normal life, generally over the cold winters in Toronto, where the board is on our custom made table which is perfect! A whole game takes us a long coupe of months to play it, round by round, but it’s how we enjoy it, while still getting on with our lives!

    Our love for the game created our own website for fun, uploading video’s on most games as an introduction, along with fun clothing to wear while you play! You can see the link in my bio.
    I own nearly every version, just need to grab a copy of Zombies!

    Jason, thank you for this site, you have made us all very happy to bounce questions and to be able to help others answer there sticky wicket situation!

    Cheers, BH

  • @djensen Wow…craft beer, pretty amazing industry you are in Sir! Have you heard of Cask Days? It’s held every year in Toronto in October and it’s a whole weekend. Not just local breweries, but Canadian wide, selected USA states from California, New England, Oregon, Main.

    Keep up with the good work on AnA and normal life!!


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    Just like Quirky Turtle, greetings from the Netherlands. I played a few sessions of A&A back in the days of the MB version, but since the release of the 1940 games I wanted to get back into it. But somehow the copies didn’t leave their shelve since only 2 years ago when I started playing it together with Quirky Turtle and some other friends.

    We were heavily inspired by the strategy video’s from YG which really helped us in our learning curve from Allied favored to Axis favored. And the great customizations by many people from this great community. So I quickly jumped on to the biggest project of my live: retouching the big scanned map of Global 1940 that was already available to the community.

    Since then my hours put into this hobby has somewhat decreased but are still on a good level. With work on my own custom:

    • hit dice
    • tokens & markers
    • scanned version of the Anniversary Map
    • my own table top (not yet revealed yet)
    • web application to track your IPCs based on a GoogleMaps like interface of the 1940 map (and other versions of the AA family)


  • @Young-Grasshopper I just joined myself, and I’m suprised you just joined this forum. Based on your youtube videos I would have assumed you would be a longtime member here. Your videos are really good, and the board you use for global makes me a bit jealous. bolded text



  • Hello,

    DanishArmy here from Chicago. I’m 34 and I’ve been playing Axis and Allies since high school. It’s hard to find people willing to invest time into a good game of A&A so I often end up playing the LOTR Risk Trilogy Edition instead. I’ve played the original A&A, and more recently bought A&A WW1 and 1940 Europe Global. Figured I would wait on buying Pacific until I actually play with someone.

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    @DanishArmy YG is solidly in the “RE-introduce” yourself category 🙂

    Welcome to A&A .org!

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    @DanishArmy said in Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Nov. - Dec. 2018):

    @Young-Grasshopper I just joined myself, and I’m suprised you just joined this forum…

    actually we all just joined : ) Site transition.

    Welcome DanishArmy

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    @DanishArmy Welcome to the forum 😃

  • Hi - nice to meet you. I am the Tournament Director at TripleA, and we are very excited to welcome new players, and everyone is welcome. I run tournaments every 3 months or so for Revised and AA50. Please feel free to write me at if you have any questions about TripleA. Cheers, Deltium

  • @Deltium Great! Thanks for the information.

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    @Bravehart I meant to respond earlier.

    Yes, I have heard of Cask Days. I think it was 2011 or 2012 when I went to the first or second year of FMGC in Oshawa. I didn’t want to spend my entire trip in the “burbs” so I ended with a few nights in Toronto. Near my hotel was a craft beer bar that I had researched prior to my trip. I walk in and their smack in the middle of IPA Cask Days. It was an atypically cold April (cold for a San Franciscan like me) but it was perfect for those casks. I think there were about 4 dozen IPA casks and they were good and tradional and the only additives were hops. Not like the weird junk cask festivals in the US are doing these days with gummy bears and mint chocolate bars, meh.

    Anyway, I have not been to the big cask festival in October but it’s definitely on my bucket list.

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    I live in Ohio. I use to play Axis & Allies back in the 90’s. I played online back when they modded the Hasbro game, I believe the site was Balance of Power. Anyway lost interest really didn’t find a steady group to play with, I prefer the board game. An old buddy of mine contacted me, we used to play together back in the day! Thought what ever happened with online stuff did a search an here I am. watched a few videos stirred up my enthusiasm to get back into it just ordered A&A Europe and Pacific.

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    @Warpig f yea : )

    Awesome intro : )

  • Merry Christmas All! I am originally from San Francisco Ca. I joined in the Navy in 1971 and lived in numerous places such as Philippines, Hawaii, Maryland, Florida, Sicily It, and Virginia. I have been a board war gamer since 1959 (I was 9yo), mostly hexagon style with cardboard counters. I was introduced to A & A on YouTube last year and immediately fell in love with this game! I receive brand new copies of A & A Europe and Pacific 1940 2nd ed thurs. Can’t wait! I will be watching all of the Boot Camp videos from Young Grasshopper.

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    @AdmScuttlebutt Welcome mine came Monday! Eager get started myself.

  • This is exciting, have been only observing for years but know one has ever really got back with me. Trying to make contact with DK’s den, big fan of his, watch his youtube channel just about every day. Will take a reply from anyone and check this channel out, very inspirational for any fan of Axis&Allies or any good person in general.

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    Let me reintroduce myself I’m GeneralHandGrenade from Prince George, BC, Canada. I like long walks on the beach and singing in the rain…oh wait this the wrong site for that.

    I’ve been playing A&A since 1984 and been a member of this site for about 2.5 years. It’s great to see so many more new players getting into the game. I’ve noticed it not only on this site but on Facebook and YouTube as well. One of my favorite things to do is play with little plastic army men on the internet. I get such a kick out of knowing that over a quarter of a million times people have watched me do that over the last 2 years.

    My go to game now is HBG’s Global War 1936-1945 and I’ve seen a large growth in that game over the last year. People keep asking me what they need to play the game so now that I’ve been playing that for awhile I’m going to put together a comprehensive list over the next week or so and release it on my channel. Unlike any version of A&A there isn’t a complete game that you can purchase, you have to build it yourself. Look for that before the new year as well as a continuation of the game that I’ve been playing for a few weeks now.

    Here’s hoping we can throw some dice together sometime!!!

  • @GeneralHandGrenade Hello. This sounds like a great idea. I have my eye on Global War 1936 - 45 as well. A list of pieces in addition to Europe and Pacific is needed. Thank you!

  • @djensen Thank you very much for doing this, coming at you from Phoenix, AZ. Served USMC from 1988 to 1992. During desert shield and desert storm this game kept many of us peacefully sane, in fact once leaving Saudi Arabia many became recovering Alcoholics. Still play the original game with my children and now grand children other versions are for advanced older players like us. I think one of the best youtube channels are DK’s den, please check him out, very inspiring. For years have been using metal painted pieces from Pendraken miniatures, air pieces from Dom’s Decals and 1/3000 scale naval from navwar. This happened before HBG site, and some radical yet simple house rules came up.

  • @Midnight_Reaper Have you ever seen DK’s den channel on youtube, very inspiring stuff, he came up with a house rule about pieces having multiple hits. For example three hits before losing it to combat resolution, more hits for naval and even more for capital ships.

  • Hey! I have been on the forum for near a year now. I am a teen living in the southeastern United States. I love to play Axis and Allies along with other board games. I just got AA Anniversary Edition and am really excited about playing it. I look forward to playing y’all by forum soon. My life consists of playing chess (both casual and tournament) and being a living historian (for a war a few years before the world wars). I thank all moderators and all admins for the work they put into this forum and I hope all of y’all have a blessed New Year!

  • @AdmScuttlebutt

    I am so inspired by this franchise I am selling all my card board counter hex based games so I can buy more A&A games. Just finished watching YG Boot Camp #4 about the map. I learned some things about movement thru sea zones I hadn’t caught before. Among other very helpful clarifications. Wonderful! Thank you YG for your efforts. Plan to watch the rest, in order.

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