• What are the most lucky or unlucky events you’ve had happen to you in a game of A&A?

    For me, I had a battleship, a cruiser, and two destroyers get killed by a defending cruiser and a sub (though the defending cruiser and sub died too). That was around a 1/1000 chance of happening, and I’ve gotten 4/6 hits on an AA shot. Needless to say that was pretty funny.

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    My buddy failed to take france with overwhelming odds 3 games in a row. We have made a default rule that if if you fail to get france when sending overwhelming odds, you take france with 2 tanks remaining. If germany can’t win that one, the war is pretty well over…
    I gave up at the end of J3 due to the fact that, despite sending in a millions planes, the chinese managed to hold yunnan every turn, and i was losing planes every turn… to yunnan… i had made no inroads anywhere…
    In the 2nd edition (or classis, or whatever its called) another friend of mine, depending on our opponent, would sometimes ask if he could roll 5 tech dice with the japs T1 just to make it interesting. We got 2, long range aircraft and heavy bombers, we couldn’t have asked for better!

  • I can’t remember the numbers but I as China beat Japan with a 30% chance of win. Japan launched an attack against my Chinese stack of infantry and the Tiger with Japan being equip with infantry, artillery, tanks, fighters, and tactical bomber. Don’t get me wrong, my stack was thinned but I manage to protect the Tiger.

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    @Caesar-Seriona YES! my gosh, i was the japs in this scenario… its got ragequit all over it! But man does it feel good to keep the flying tigers alive!

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    Are we limited to just Global?

    In a tournament final for Axis & Allies 1942 2nd Ed. at Gen Con were were the Allies and it was R1, we went all in on West Russia. Usually I have one more attack but my partner insisted on all in so we did. You know how there’s not very much in West Russia, we basically ended up losing move than half the force we sent in. We maybe had 1-2 hits on the first 2 rolls. I can’t recall now but we sent in 15-17 units, left with 5 maybe less.

    Even though that put us so far behind we almost clawed our way back but our opponents, unfortunately, argued a lot and only got through 5 rounds, ensuring an Axis victory.

  • Now as for the worst defeat I’ve ever had. I launched an attack against Germany with USSR with a 80% and had to retreat because it was getting embarrassing. I was angry as hell but some times the Dice just piss all over you. I’ve never seen so many 6’s that battle.

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    In the same tournament the previous year same game, we got 2 retals total from all the Axis shots (20+?) on the first round, and the game was effectively over after Japan’s first turn. Luck matters, alot. Tempo does too, if you’re winning.

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    But the worst defeat was in 2016–I as Japan attacked the last Chinese territory with most of my remaining mobile air force (8-10 planes plus a few cannon fodder units)

    and with nearly 25 people watching the last game of the tourney, lost 6 planes, completely failing to kill the holdout territory. Still won the game, however.

  • I once lost russia in axis anniversary when I had about 50 units with average strength of about 2.3, while the german attacked with about 30 infs, 5 tanks and 5 planes. He rolled 25 hits in the first combat round, while i rolled about 15, then he rolled 15 hits and I rolled 10. So russia fell.

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    Not my bad luck and not G40, but at a Revised Tournament I once took 9 INF/ART/2 TANK to strafe a German stack of 4 INF/7 TANK (I just wanted to kill 3-4 INF and retreat to West Russia to link up with my reinforcements, to deter the Germans for another turn and buy time).

    I ended up winning the battle and only losing 4 INF because my opponent’s rolls were simply atrocious. Opponent conceded the game soon afterwards because that battle completely turned the tide of the game.

    Later in that same tournament I got diced in the R1 Ukraine attack (4 INF/ART/2 TANK/2 FTR Vs. 3 INF/ART/TANK/FTR), lost everything but a tank and the planes and only killed the INF (one round of combat. Yes, every German die hit.). Not a good way to be sent packing.

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    Two days ago in my first solo G40 game, the Russians lost Amur on J1 while scoring exactly one hit over two rounds of combat (including all 6 AA rolls), defending with 12inf 2aa in round 1 and 5inf round 2. Japan lost a single infantry in exchange for 46 IPC TUV of Siberian conscripts.

    The odds of rolling only a single two or less on 17 dice and no ones on 6 more dice is (2/3)^16 x 1/3 x (5/6)^6 = 0.0006 or <1/1600.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Last weekend G40 game

    Battle of Moscow G7

    Germany scored maybe 25% hits, won’t have been much more
    Russia scored just over 50% hits (exactly 50% on 2s, and all but one of 3s and 4s including UK FTRs)

    Russia was thus safe for the foreseeable future, buying time for US/UK to build their invasion fleet. To think that Russian AAAs only downed one plane. Axis conceded when a Japanese attack on the US Pacific fleet also went badly.

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    @8thGuards Some days you weren’t meant to win! I’ve had moscow go like that, but come back to win, but i didn’t have the pacific follow up debacle :s

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    In a recent live G40 game, I (as the US) attacked the Japanese fleet in SZ 6 with the following:
    2 FTR, 2 TAC, 10 STR

    Rolled this in the first round:
    FTR = 1 hit
    TAC = 0 hits
    STR = 0 hits

    Pro Tip: After you soak the dice in lighter fluid, scrub your hands thoroughly with soap before striking the match. ☠ ☠ ☠

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    @The-Pripet-Martian my gosh thats some of the worst rolling i’ve ever seen…

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