• In the rules for paratroopers it is said that “The bomber may still attack during the Conduct Combat Phase”.
    Does it imply that i have to bomb the same territory or the bomber can in fact go on and bomb another one as movement permit?

    Thank you.

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    From the rulebook, page 12:

    1. Paratroopers. Each of your bombers can act as a
      transport for one infantry during combat movement,
      but it must stop in the first hostile territory it enters,
      ending its movement.
      Both units must begin their
      movement in the same territory. The infantry is
      dropped after any antiaircraft fire is resolved, so
      if the bomber is hit, the infantry it carries is also
      destroyed. The bomber may still attack during the
      Conduct Combat phase, but it cannot make a strategic
      bombing run in a turn that it transports an infantry
      unit. If attacking along with land units from adjacent
      territories, paratroopers may retreat as normal.

    The bomber’s movement (during combat move phase) ends in the first hostile territory.
    Thus the bomber can only attack (not bomb) in that territory.

    HTH 😃

  • Great thank you Panther!
    It seems the answer was hiding in plain sight in those 3 words… “ending its movement”!

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