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Is it time for a fantasy and science fiction expansion?

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    As mythology has indicated, strange creatures have been a part of our world since recorded time. What if they were still out there, living remotely and in small colonies? Would it be possible to harness their capabilities and direct their power for wartime purposes? The most developed relationships and loyalties between man and creatures would be with dragons, mostly due to their intelligence and linguistic capacity (see Temeraire by Naomi Novik, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temeraire_(series)). However, each nation could take advantage of the war capacity of all indigenous fabulous creatures. Additionally, some farsighted scientist has seen opportunity in the technological wonders of the modern era to move their war fighting capability to fantastic levels. This game would include dragons, giants, mechanized soldiers, jet pack soldiers and many more limited quantity but significant additions. Thoughts?

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    Dragons are intelligent and sapient although they represent the entire vast array of breeds with different sizes and capabilities. All of them can fly and given their nature to bond to humans and cooperate on a large scale many countries have been using them for military purposes. They were devastated by large scale conflict and casualties during the Napoleonic wars and again in WWI, and very few remain in populated regions. At the beginning of Global 1936 they are being mobilized again.
    Dragons may airlift one infantry or artillery unit. They may also capture territory.

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    Gremlins are semi-intelligent and mischievous creatures that can cause havoc in machinery and urban settings. With considerable patience, a troop of gremlins can be trained and employed to work misdeeds in an area and therefore cripple a unit. Not only do they dismantle machinery, they can blow up fuel and ammunition dumps, poison food supplies, remove road signs, and silently kill soldiers in their sleep.

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    Giants. Humanoids of prodigious size and strength, they have retreated to remote mountainous locations. Encouraged by offers of material support (mostly food but also tools and trinkets) plus tolerant co-habitation they will fight alongside military formations providing formidable combat power that cannot be easily stopped.

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    Advanced weapons. Far more controllable than fabulous creatures, the cost and development timeline may be prohibitive to most countries.

    1. Super Soldiers. Mechanized soldiers, the advances in armor, artillery, and factories have led to the outfitting and weaponization of individual soldiers. Super soldiers take two hits and may repair in forward locations.

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    That is something you don’t see often marching in Red Square.IMG_0529.jpg

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    Jet Soldiers. Advances in mechanization, jets, and aircraft range have provided the means for soldiers to fly and carry more lethal capabilities over long distances. Although highly vulnerable to aircraft that scramble, they are not defenseless. Once on the ground their superior mobility is definitely a strength, albeit they lack the protective armor of the super soldiers.

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    Jet Soldiers defending the UK.
    (US sky soldier.jpg

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    Giant problem as East meets West (Japan and Germany) in the middle of Russia. If you combine this expansion with EvW, the two Axis would declare war on each other.
    giant Novosibirsk.jpg

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