Moffett Field R&D Tech Chart Draft

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    Here is a draft for a potential R&D Tech Chart for G40. The IPC/Costs and a few other things need some fixing updating. Will likely adopt some Bloodbath rules for rolling. Open to ideas/suggestions. This has not really been play tested, just a concept at this point.

    Possible adjustment:
    Turn 1: Build a research center for XX IPC (likely around 10 IPC)
    Turn 2: Research a technology, like Ballistics and Amor or Advanced Propulsion (around 4 or 5 IPC)
    Turn 3: Research technology if applicable or move to next stage of Deployment and roll 1 D6 and pay that amount
    Turn 4: Deploy technology - Roll 1 D6 and pay that amount

    It is possible to research more than one technology in parallel but it will cost.

    Some technology allows upgrading units on the board for a cost (like Adv. Mech Inf.). Other techs apply to future units to be deployed.

    Let me know your thoughts/input.

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    Looks like your taking the “hit or miss” out of the research so you always get something at the time it takes to research it. However, adding a path to the research YOU want as opposed to whatever the dice tells you what you get is great. Like that a lot!

    That’s the big picture. I like the little picture the most. That is to say the details of the research like the different tech and units for each nation. Some options are not available to other nations. Realistic.

    The multiple attack dice is very interesting; 2 or 3 dice per attack (1@4 and 1 or 2 @1) so that it is not overpowering yet offers something extra. Nice touch.

    Interesting techs like two types of heavy tanks for Germany and the v-1/v-2 rocket mechanics is new to me.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Yes, making it more certain. Still want some chance involved so might follow the BBRs in terms of 1D6 on Phase III = get instant tech and next turn/phase buy dice if didn’t happen.

    Since the game only has 6-sided dice the % of chance is pretty limited. Adding the possibility of two hits, the second hit less likely, makes the tech worth doing. If used 8, 10 or 12 sided could adjust the %.

    V1/V2 Rockets were more a terror weapon vs being able to target specific battles so I think hitting their bank of IPCs makes more sense, thus the “aerial convoy raid” concept. More like a cheap, one-time use submarine convoy raid.

    Trying to make it more like Sid Meir’s Civilization Tech Tree and have multiple techs per game. Also want the ability of the enemy to disrupt your tech by bombing a research facility.

    Anyway, this is not play tested that much, just one or two games. Needs some further refinement.

    Welcome any more comments/suggestions/etc.

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    I dig it! Also, Moffett Field! My home turf right there haha.

    Going to float this idea after my game this afternoon and see if I can drum up interest for this kind of tech implementation in our next one.

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    @Black_Elk Good luck! Let me know how it works out.

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