Custom 3D Miniatures: Major & Minor Industrial Complexes, Recruitment Center, Airbase, and Naval Base

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    All, I’ve finally gotten a 3D printer of my own, so I have been able to launch my own little Etsy shop with the mission of getting these models out there as affordably as possible! Huzzah!

    While my shapeways store will stay open, doing self-fulfilled prints on Etsy is going to be a win-win; much more of the proceeds going directly to creators, which brings the price down for everyone. The only con is that I will have to maintain the 3D printer and do all of my own post-processing…

    Anyway, I wanted to welcome everyone here to the shop with a 10% off coupon for the rest of 2021! Just use coupon code AADOTORG21 at checkout. Come be one of my first customers! Visit my etsy shop here:

    I’ll be adding new things and ideas constantly - including bundling items up for complete kits ala G40 etc., so please DM me or respond below and let me know what else you would like to see!

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