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  • Dear All-
    My son love AA Global 1940 2nd Edition and are on our fifth game (4-0 daddy…)

    We have a series of growing questions
    1 - Is an airbase operative immediately. Say Germany buys an airbase in Holland at the end of the turn 1 and landed 3 fighters in that territory, if on the next turn the UK attacks the German navy in SZ110 can the 3 fighters scramble. We think YES
    2 - Can unit being transported move its move value and then load onto a transport. A tank moves from western USA and then boards in Eastern USA. We think YES
    3 - Can a transport pick up one man each from two territories. Say, move from SZ 6, pick up in Okinawa, then pick up in Formosa and then drop off in Kwangsi (so travels 3 SZ’s per naval base). We think YES
    4 - In the combat phase, an aircraft carrier (AC) can’t move two spaces and then launch fighters that move 4 spaces that enter combat unless the AC is part of the/a combat. Said differently, we think that moving an AC with entering combat is not possible in the combat stage so you can’t do this extended range trick. We think YES
    5 - If USA is not at war by turn 3 it can declare war during the collect income phase. Therefore, does it complete its national objective at the end of turn 3 and therefore has an additional 20 IPCs to spend at the beginning of turn 4. We think YES
    6 - If there is no J1 and ANAZ declares on Japan during its combat phase it can claims both its National Objectives (same for UK Asia). Also ANAZ does have to attack to declare war. We think YES to both
    7 - Canals/Straights - you need to control for an entire turn before you can use it. For example, if USA takes over Denmark the UK can’t use on its next turn as the USA has to control for a full turn first. We think YES

    Hope this clear. Thanks in Advance!

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    1. Yes
    2. No, to board in sz 101 the tank must start in central or eastern USA
    3. Yes
    4. Not sure if I understand your question, but in general the planes and the carrier moves independetly of each other. If you launch an attack you launch it from where your units are at start of conduct combat phase. It means a fighter can move 4 spaces. It must land on a different carrier or land no more than 4 spaces away. However if you have a carrier and plane 6 spaces away from eachother and move towards eachother so they meet its perfectly fine. But you can’t do it the other way around where you extend the fighters reach by 2 (to 6) by first transporting it as cargo and then launch the attack
    5. Yes +20 for USA
    6. Yes ANZAC may declare war. No, ANZAC does not need to do any attacks, it is enough just to declare war to collect the extra incom
    7. No, If USA takes Denmark, then the British can move into sz 113 that same turn. Germany has gone under in many games by this approach, so watch out Germany!

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    @Ekumpy1 Welcome to the forum 😃

    I have moved your topic to the “Global 1940” - forum, as you had accidentally posted in the Revised-forum.

    A small addition to

    1. A land unit may never move immediately before loading onto or immediately after unloading from a transport, as loading/unloading counts as the land unit’s entire move.

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    @Panther additional question: Where can i verify that the USA unprovoked attack one time bonus of 30 IPCs is only if you are playing just pacific? thanks!!

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    @Aaron_the_Warmonger There are two sources:

    1. The official Pacific 1940 2nd. Edition FAQ sheet.
    2. In the Pacific Rulebook the one time bonus is on Page 9 (Political SItuation). For Global this part is replaced by Page 37 (lacking the one time bonus).

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    @Panther OOOOO sweet! Thank you so much!

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    Yes, panther is our go-to guy regarding these citations. Go Panther!

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    @taamvan i’ve got the best rules knowledge of my group, but here i am, on 2 recent issues, somehow not knowing the rules! I feel like a noob!

  • you are the man, many thanks!

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    If USA declares war in turn 3’s income phase, the bonus is +25. +20 is if they don’t hold the Philippines.

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