Subs-I know its been done to death

  • I have searched, and in dong so have really just made myself more confused about submarines.

    1. How does submerge work?? And when can I use it.

    2. From my searches I saw alot about opening fire. With opening fire, while you are in combat, do you only get to do 1 opening fire attack??

  • you can find a lot of you questions in another thread:

    Battleships, AA guns and opening fire step.

    (hope I helped you out this way)

    Answer on question 1:

    about submerging subs?
    subs may only submerge after there has been rolled for attack against them at least ONCE!
    so, if figs attack subs, the subs have to survive a round of throwing dice against them before they can submerge.
    the submerge-ability is comparable with a retreat (BTW: this is the only time a defender can ‘retreat’), thus: at the end of a combat round!
    and they resurface at the end of the following non-combat move!

    Answer on question 2:

    Subs DO get to use their special ability in subsequent rounds.

    On page 16 in the manual it states that you are to repeat steps 2-6 each round. And it also says that units returned to the gameboard cannot reenter combat.

    The sigificance of this is obvious if you look at the beginning of page 16.

    It says:
    Return all antiaircraft guns to the gameboard as well as battleships that conducted shore bombardment. Do not remove submarines from the battleboard.

    Opening fire is part of step 2 of the combat and thus has to be repeated every round. However by following the above rule in step 3, battleships (that did shore bombardment) and AA guns must be returned to the gameboard the first time a combat reaches step 3.
    But that still leaves submarines to go thru step 2 once again and for as long as they live in the combat.

    • Kvik

  • Thank you that does help me.

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