What was the most expensive battle you've encountered?

  • My most expensive battle since I started playing is totalling 659 IPC’s…

    Japan defended and had:
    5 BB’s
    2 fully loaded AC’s
    10 subs
    1 destroyer
    3 trannies
    this totals 308 IPC’s and was statistically good for 68/6 = 11 hits in the first round

    USA attacked and had:
    4 BB’s
    2 fully loaded AC’s
    1 empty AC
    1 bomber
    16 subs
    2 destroyers
    this totals 351 IPC’s and was statistically good for 73/6 = 12 hits in the first round

    So, this battle was worth 659 IPC’s.
    other remarks:

    • USA won the battle leaving him 4 BB, 1 DD, 9 subs in the water and still have his bomber…
    • USA forgot to bring along 2 trannies that were nearby and would have been nice cannon fodder…
    • Japan could establish only 6 hits in first round of combat, while USA had 11… talk about statistics being ONLY statistics 🙂
    • this battle lasted 3 combat rounds
    • after this battle, the axis resigned…

  • come on, now,…

    less than 200 IPC’s for the most expensive battle?? that’s not much!  :roll:
    I’m sorry to inform you, but I CAN’T believe this is true!!!
    I had the vote counters set to zero again, 'cause I really think people who vote should make at least a calculation rather than an estimation
    you can be fooled pretty quickly the way battles get really expensive…
    and please give the people some feedback on how that battle got so expensive…
    THX 🙂

    1. 200 IPC’s?
      that’s 20 armors (totalling 100 IPC’s) against 20 infantry and 4 figs (totalling 100 as well) for example…

    2. 204 IPC’s?
      that’s 2 bombers, 6 figs, 10 inf and 6 art (totalling 144 IPC’s) against 20 infantry (totalling 60 IPC’s).

    3. 204 IPC’s?
      that’s 9 subs and a BB (totalling 96 IPC’s) against 3 loaded AC’s (totalling 108 IPC’s)

    I can’t believe at all that my opponent and I had the most expensive battle ever…  😮
    how do you guys manage to capture Russia if there is not something near 200 IPC’s at stake (see example 2)??

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