• I just had a wicked thought. I need to get my hands on a board and figure exactly how (or if) it would work, but I thought I’d let you know. What if Russia purposefully left the southern portion of the front fairly lightly defended to lure the Germans down there and then slice their lines? it would be like Stalingrad. You could focus most of your new troops in the north and slowly and inconspicuously weaken you lines till it looked like a very promising target. I know it may sound a little crazy that the Germans would attack such lightly defended territorys with the risk of massive counterattacks, but on the Eastern Front were each side is struggling for any sort of a foot hold they might just go for it.

  • hmm, heres a thought. Instead of Artillery, use Tanks for your offense. Station your tanks in Belorussia. When the time comes, build infantry in Stalingrade, and shift tanks and fighters south to attack the German advanced forces, before they can come in strength.

  • In my experience if the Russians leave tanks lying around on the front the Germans generally obliterate them before they have a chance of getting used. Since Belorussia is usually on the front fairly early in the game I’m not so sure I’d like that idea.

  • Well, tanks in Belorussia with infantry of course 😄 Just make sure you position them within range of Ukraine.

  • Basically in my expert experience Russia would be wise to put up a 3 space defence, leningrad, belorussia and ukraine. It should use its planes, tanks and a few men to destroy the Northern pincer movement (Finland German Forces) and then once the Northern pincer movement is destroyed the forces freed from that can help in the defence of the 3 spaces ie once again leningrad, belorussia & Ukraine. This tactic is the only way to hold out against an expert German player. IF the german player is no expert than ur tactic of leaving stalingrad as a trap is truelly a historical repeat and a great idea.

  • Yes, but here we add another element to the game; that of attempting to anticipate your opponents moves. If you leave the south weak then you have more defence for the north (Leningrad and Belorussia). If the Germans are foolish enough to attack the south then you crush them with the stockpiled forces. If they decide not to go for it then you don’t need to worry about it. It’s sort of like getting extra troops the way I see it.

  • I like the historical repetitivness of your plan but I must tell you the Russians are stupid to attack anything, they are simply better defending, they should only be attacking the smallest German attack and that is Finlands.

    I have seen this happen before, Germany goes anywhere down south and then th Russian destroys the German penetration in the South but Russia looses many forces as Russia is mainly a army of infantry attacking “AT 1”, it may have a few tanks and airplanes but not enough to prevent major loses. The idea of the Russian player is NOT to do MAJOR Counter-attacks (minor counter-attacks are fine) but to take the advantage of having lots of infantry that are best in defense.

  • You don’t understand. By destroying a German army in the south the Russians eliminate most of Germanys offesive forces, and I assure you that by the time this happens the Russians can have enough troops (armor, infantry, and artillery) to drive it home to Berlin.

  • UR AN idiot I’ll leave it at that

  • How are the dingos over there this time of year?

  • that’s, like, your opinion… man. Heh heh, if you ever get the chance watch the big lebowski. if you don’t mind a lot of profanity and some wicked trips, that is.

  • Right, man I don’t mind your idea its great IF THE ALLIES WANT TO LOSE

  • Why are you being rude for no reason? Also try his idea before you bash it.

  • that’s probably so, thanks for informing me.

  • Are people like this ever banned?

  • Adam i have played the game simply long enough to realise that his tactic against a pro is simply suicidal for Russia. I think there is no other simpler way for me to explain it, rather than you guys should keep playing the game until you get good enough to realise the error of this particular tactic.

    Sorry for any pay outs or inconvience it has all derrived from an inner impatience and annoyance.

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  • Dink…umm sorry

  • Having played “four score and seven” games or more, I must agree with ‘the S man’. Try it if you must, but it won’t tke long for a good/great A&AE player to BEAT YO BUTT!
    Let’s play…
    “Ï’m not evil. I’m just drawn that way.”

  • HOWEVER, I do play a variety of openings!
    Thank you very much!


  • if the russians not only build troops but artilery at a 2 troops for every artilery and also use tanks i will think twice before tring to fu** with the russian western front. but the germans may get smart and move troops to attack the southern front

  • I think its a given that the outcome of the game is dependant on the eastrn front. If either Russia, or Germany make one wrong move, the game can usually be decided by the end of that turn. Trying to lure Germany south is risky and bold. I’ve used it against a weaker player, but never aganst a seasoned vet. Either way, if you want the idea to work at all, I strongly suggest making sure the northern threat is contained, and have a contingency plan to defend Moscow should the strategy fail. If Germany does attack the south, and succeeds, than for whole front could collapse leaving a door to the capital wide open. Bulk up in Moscow so that if the plan doesnt work, you might be able to ride it out till the US can get rolling.

  • I’ve been playing A&A for the past 15 years. Recently I purchased A&A:E and when I played my friend (who has been playing with me from the beginning), I tried the same strategy with Russia as in the previous game: Build infantry only and do counterstrikes where necessary. The fact that your industrial complexes are behind the front lines provide an excellant vantage to shift your defense around. Normally I spread my infantry between Ukraine, Belorussia and Leningrad (building Leningrad slightly more at the opening round). As Germany advances, if it does, expect to lose ground, but build infantry at the next closest industrial complex. I know this is boring but if you plan always one step ahead of Germany and the dice roles play out normally, this strategy should make you hold out long enough until England and/or U.S. win a decisive battle which should put Germany on the defensive.

    Your opinions are appreciate

  • the key for russia is to never expose your main force, just keep retraeting, and then when he puts his main force into bellorussia, then counterattack from turkestan and kill all his tanks which defend at 2

  • The Stalingrad start worked in history because Hitler could not decide where to attack. He was hasty and wanted “quick, sweeping victories like in France”. Now, the average player in this game tends to be smarter then Hitler and doesn’t fall for the traps, but not a bad idea for begginers. Besides, if it doesn’t work, play another game 😄

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