A Possible Alteration To Aircraft Rules…

  • So we were just messing around with the aircraft rules by using pieces of paper shaped like planes. Hhehe, yea I know, I know: ghetto. But I haven’t bought any of Set III except 1 booster, so I don’t have any planes, but I wanted to see how they played out.

    Personally… I think they go down like wheat.

    Has anyone come up with any House Rules for airplanes?

    I’m brainstorming changes, and one thing I’m thinking of doing is having it where you pay points for the air support rather than an individual plane. The cost for the plane would be the same, but instead of having 1 aircraft that will get shredded by flak (let’s face it, the AA guns are dope!), you roll a 4+ at each Flight Phase. If you make the roll, aircraft support is available that turn; if not it’s either held up by enemy planes, is refuelling or attacking elsewhere. Then you proceed as normal if you get planes.

    Three things I want to achieve with this:

    1. You get more than 1 or 2 turns of plane action!
    2. Taking AA guns for AA purposes is justified.
    3. AA guns will be used for AA purposes rather than anti-tank/personnel  usually, since they’ll be busy shooting down planes rather than wasting your Tiger I!

    I haven’t even remotely playtested this yet. I’m just brainstorming.

    Anyone else change the Aircraft rules at all? Or see a fatal flaw in my line of  thinking?


  • The trick to aircraft is you actually have to practice patience.

    Don’t place them if you can’t get a good attack in with them.  Take out your opponents AA units with fast attacking forces; units like motorcycles, cavalry, and even some armoured cars were well. Once you’ve elminated them you should have air superiority.  The trick is to get them out as fast as you can, because until then you’re opponent has a point advantage on you.

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