Should Pacific and Europe by Sub-categories?

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    I need to re-orangize everything and I was thinking that Pacific 1940 and Europe 1940 should be sub-categories of Global. I actually already did it. What are your thoughts?

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    @djensen Well done. Most of the rules issues discussed in the theater-games are valid for Global, too. And there always has been way more discussion about Global than about either Europe or Pacific. 👍

  • @djensen

    Well done.

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    @djensen A logical choice! Keeps the forum nice and clean

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    We will do more to clean up. Panther proposed a really nice scheme which I’ll get to soon.

  • Sorry for the off topic, but I don’t feel like opening a new one for this.

    I suggest to get back “Axis & Allies Revised Edition” and “Axis & Allies Spring 1942 Edition” to main categories.

    “Axis & Allies Classic 2nd Edition” can be called “Axis & Allies Classic: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition Basic/Iron Blitz”, to be clear and complete.

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    Do people still play Spring 1942 and Revised?

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    I know that Revised still has a following, from the con circuit. I don’t know if Spring '42 has a following, but that has to be one of the most confusing of all the A&A titles, with people confusing that game with both the Milton Bradley and the Revised editions. I think that clearly marking where to find the Milton Bradley era section is important, so being able to tell what is not that section is equally as important. In my opinion.


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    @djensen Based on the activity on the forum during the last years Spring1942 has had more attention than Revised, though it has become quite quiet recently.

  • @djensen said in Should Pacific and Europe by Sub-categories?:

    Do people still play Spring 1942 and Revised?

    An alternative may be a specific subsection for out-of-print “Main” games. Getting all the 3 “Axis & Allies Classic”, “Axis & Allies Revised Edition” and "Axis & Allies Spring 1942 Edition” in there, as that would also help spotting your game.

    Otherwise, having those games ordered by timeline would help quite a bit there; meaning in this order:
    Axis & Allies 1942 2nd Edition
    Axis & Allies Spring 1942 Edition
    Axis & Allies Revised Edition
    Axis & Allies Classic: 1st/2nd/3rd Editions

    An arguable matter would be where to put Axis & Allies 1941 and Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition, as neither are really in the actual progression I listed, but respectively reduced/budget/entry and increased/premium/expert variants.

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    Yeah, I almost did the “Out of Print” category but some new folks may not even know they’re out of print. I also considered throwing Classic in there but apparently people still play that one more than Revised and Spring. I still might consider moving classic.

  • To be clear, what I said, as alternative idea, was substantially splitting the “More/Other” section into two:

    An “Out Of Print Main Axis&Allies Games”, having only these 3 games:
    Axis & Allies Spring 1942 Edition
    Axis & Allies Revised Edition
    Axis & Allies Classic: 1st/2nd/3rd Editions

    A “Minor Axis&Allies Games”, having whatever deemed so, like:
    Axis & Allies Europe
    Axis & Allies Pacific
    Axis & Allies Guadalcanal
    Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge
    Axis & Allies: D-Day

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    @Cernel Yeah, @Panther originally had a category called “Axis & Allies Theatre Games”

    We’ll consider this idea. Right now there are a bunch of games clustered together and it doesn’t look great aesthetically.

    Remind us in a week or so if we don’t make the change. We still might not do it but there’s a lot on our plate right now and it works well enough for the time being.

  • Also maybe they can be called “Axis & Allies Europe (Original)” and “Axis & Allies Pacific (Original)”, to cut confusion with the “Europe/Pacific 1940” ones, that also had 1st and 2nd editions.

    Also, by reading the title of this topic, if one would overlook where it is, you would understand that you are talking of those, since you didn’t say “1940” (but I see it’s implied by being in this sub-forum).

  • On this line, the old guy could be named:
    Axis & Allies 2nd Edition (Classic)
    or, to cover all:
    Axis & Allies 1st/2nd/3rd Editions (Classic)
    Since you don’t see “Classic” anywhere in the box or the manual or anything for real, it fits better between parenthesis (people that don’t know stuff might think it’s not the one, since the one they have is not called “Classic” anywhere, of course).

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