Axis and Allies MB edition: inquiry form included in the box

  • Dear all,

    At least some of the boxes of Axis and Allies second edition rules (MB) included a kind of ‘inquiry form’ or sheet by MB.
    Being asked were questions like:

    • What do you want to be the topic of the next Gamemaster Series game?

    And then several options were presented like:

    • historial
    • SF

    Does anyone have a scan of an image of this form?

    Thanks in advance!

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    @thrasher1 Would you like me to ask Wizards?

  • Sir,

    That would be very nice. Please say hello from me to the ‘old guard’ at Wizards. There just might be some persons who already workd at MB…
    But yes, please do.

    When I found this very inquiry form in the mid 1990s my friends and I really hoped there would be new GameMaster Series games coming up. Turned out we had to wait quite some years…

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