• I like the idea for G1 to build tran to support baltic fleet.

    But, what if UK1 chose to sacrifice its planes and attac. You will be left with  1 DD and 1, maybee to tran.

    Schould G2 then reinforce navy again, and with what?

    If not, the next round new UK plans (and maybee navy, if G planes are not too treathening) and US airforses can take G fleet out?

    But i G reinforces in G2 they are starting to use much ipc on the fleet and less on S…

    Another question
    I have seen many talk about supporting aftica with indian troops for UK, but isn’t that to leave India open, and make J walk through Asia? My problem playing Russia is always to keep the J out, when they come om R doorstep in round 5-7, with plenty thanks and planes, then R falls… I guess with leaving India this happens sooner ratehr than later? And, do the 2 UK troops from india make a big difference in Afr, easy replacements from G will take them out as long as G med fleet is alive?

    And, maybee this is for another line, but, how for R to slow down J in east?

  • To reinforce the Baltic fleet most people build an AC on G1.

  • I will always buy an AC on G1

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