Opinions of Bad Guy plans for new game

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    Russian guys arriving t6 would be too late, wouldn’t they? My bombers can start landing (assuming a J1) t2. Cow is pretty high in the rankings if I’m not mistaken. Winners win for a reason. Cheesebombing? Well, look at some of the things we do. A single destroyer blocks an entire fleet from advancing to Hawaii? Cheese! Italian can openers? Cheese! No multinational attacks? Cheese! AA guns don’t shoot at planes that trespass their airspace unless the plane is attacking? Cheese! You can’t fly over neutrals? Cheese! If you attack one strict neutral, they all turn against you? Cheese! No ts railroad? Cheese! And I could go on. (War Room corrects some of this stuff.)

    I love this game. It was designed for playability. It was designed to make Sealion possible, I think. Many of the things aforementioned can be fixed easily, but I am unsure how much it would throw off the balance. Dessertfox and I are playing a game with Allied multinational movements and attacks. US, China, UK, Anzac and France move at the same time. We also have paratroopers. I’m going to take Moscow this turn, but he just took Paris and bombed W Ger for 15. It’s not balanced. Daughter just woke up. Gotta go.

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    btw, what if the currency of the bid was Russian infantry only? It could also be a handicapping system. We should play triple a and you can teach me to properly despair the Allied situation!

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    for the record.tsvg
    at the risk of being beaten like a rented mule. Here’s me playing both sides. experimental Jap strat. bomber strat. my version of crussia. my version of middle earth.

  • @simon33 There exists a pacing that can get the ANZAC fighters, and certainly the starting ones, to Russia proper in time for a turn 6 defense, without using any islands.

    UK India can compound this. UK proper could as well, but they have to take some calculated position risk(s). I think a good [UK] Player can get a good Read on how best to field the option.

    Predicated on this, Germany needs to be ready for a heavy crash Turn 6; that meta is my question. How best to mitigate the help. How to make sure Russia/Brittney is left ‘alone’ 😉

    So, what would you do to keep the other good guys from putting planes in Putin’s parkade.?

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    @DermMannInDerHochburg said in Opinions of Bad Guy plans for new game:

    @simon33 There exists a pacing that can get the ANZAC fighters, and certainly the starting ones, to Russia proper in time for a turn 6 defense, without using any islands.

    You mean Queensland -> Malaya/Shan State? It’s possible but the fighters are still pretty exposed there. Japan can and almost certainly should hit those.

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    If they J1, then I would suggest buying an extra carrier and having these guys hang out with the USA, making the main fleet much less vulnerable to a pre-emptive attack. With a sub or two, and a tac, the ANZAC forces can usually mop up the Japanese fleet if it survives an initial attack by the US.

    If they dont, then your planes can land on java, usually, they find a good way to cross, and at least as far as the Japanese TTs are concerned, you can screen those out (even if they have an NB)

    The idea of sending the 6 planes to moscow, however, denies you alot of other milestones in the game; without the grey and tan planes in theatre, Bombay is easy to take, and if not, Sydney will be. Players who are not cautious about building reserves with ANZAC can easily find both capitals under threat, esp. once Japan can use Malaya’s base. Whichever one you defend, they attack the other (now that you can’t cross back). If you dont defend either, they can take both.

    Another fine plan is to marry the UK air force from India with the one from the Med, assuming that one survives. That roving force can do alot to wreck the Axis, or it can defend the factories in the core area (persia, Iraq–the axis mundi of the board. pun intended).

    No matter what you do, its still more than one turn from India to Moscow, and this is very intentional on the part of the game designers. At that juncture in the game, the areas around Moscow are under threat, so you can’t land planes alone anywhere but moscow.

    Sending all your auxiliary planes from the minor allies to rescue Moscow will probably save it, but you’ll lose the game when the Japanese dominate that board, or the Italians/Germans take Africa and the 2$ Russian zones. For all these reasons, I prefer to leave most of those planes nearer to where they start, using them to tear Japan apart, rather than sending them on a long range adventure that prevents them from attacking and expressing threat. If Japan is threatened by the USA, there are plenty of times that they have to weaken their westward push, and at that point, UK planes can join whatever Russian stacks are still fighting, once you see the outcome (save Bombay, we hope).

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