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  • TripleA '12

    Hi all, thought I’d share my contents count so you can compare your copies:

    38 Grey Chips
    8 Red Chips
    4 Green Chips

    6 Black Dice
    6 Red Dice
    6 Zombie Dice

    1 IPC Note x 25
    5 IPC Note x 10
    10 IPC Note x 15

    30 x Zombies

    60 x Zombie Cards
    86 x 1942 Zombie Cards

    1 x Game Board
    1 x Battle Board
    1 x Manual
    5 x National Set Up Cards

    Inf  Art  Tank Fighter  Bomber  Carrier  Battleship  Dest Sub Tran Control Marker
    United States    10 4 4     5           2         3       2             2     3   5     14
    Soviet Union       8   4 5     3         1         1       1                1     1     1      14
    United Kingdom 10    4 4     5         2         3       2              3     3     4     14
    Japan                 8   4 4     5         2         3       2             3        3   4     14
    Germany           10 4   7     4         2         2       2             2     5     3     14

    I must say I was a bit disappointed by WOTC with regards to the number of power’s plastic units! Okay, there’s enough to set up the game with but I was surprised to see that US only gets 2 Destroyers…  :x  And Germany should have had at least 5 Fighters.

    Did any of you get the same numbers of pieces?

  • Chips are the same.

    Shorted one red combat die (zombie instead of a 6)

    28 zombies instead of 30

    USA: 3 destroyers not 2

    Soviet Union: same as you

    UK: 4 fighters instead of 5, 2 carriers instead of 3, 5 destroyers instead of 3,

    Japan: same as you

    Germany: 4 subs instead of 5,

    So, one of us has a few missing/mixed up pieces.

    Most are not important as I’m using my extra Spring 1942 pieces so each army is beefier. ( I picked up a few S42 games for $5 each ata con, not a popular version of A&A)

    I would like the zombies and red die though as I can’t replace those.

    I’ll check the cards and money today and compare before contacting WotC.

    Thanks for posting your count.

  • Money and 60 zombie cards are the same as yours.

    I only have 85 1942 zombie cards though.  😞 :?

  • 2017 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    Yep quality game it seems. Who could have predicted this greatness??

  • for the record, I’ve had issues with most games produced in China that contain minis.

    I’ll pop over to their web site and talk to them.

    I’ve never had a complaint with their customer service as they have gone out of their way to make things right.

    Watching a play through on youtube and this game does look fun. Not a serious A&AA game but a quicker fun game like Classic was back in the 80’s.

    Even without the zombies, it has:

    UK-10 IPCs / Japan-6 IPCs / USSR-7 IPCs / Germany-9IPCs / USA-15 IPCs

    more per country so it will make a better 1941 intro game than the existing 1941 game.

  • WotC knows about the lack. We let them know ASAP.

  • 2019 2018 2017

    This is what I received in my copy:

    Chips: 8 red, 4 green, 38 grey
    Dice: 6 pale green zombie dice, 6 red dice with zombie heads, & 6 black dice with zombie heads
    Control Markers: 14 per county (USSR, Ger, UK, Japan, USA) with the opposite side of all 70 control markers having zombie heads

    Plastic pieces:

    Nation Inf Arty Tank Fighter Bomber Sub Trans DD CV BB
    Soviets 8 4 5 3 1 1 1 1 1 1
    Germans 10 4 7 4 2 5 3 2 2 2
    UK 10 4 4 4 2 3 4 5 2 2
    Japan 8 4 4 5 2 3 4 3 3 2
    USA 10 4 4 5 2 3 4 3 3 2

    And that’s what I have.


  • This was posted over on BGG:

    Just did a quick count of the units:

    Battleships 1
    Carriers 3
    Destroyers 3
    Transports 4
    Submarines 3
    Fighters 5
    Bombers 2
    Tanks 4
    Artillery 4
    Infantry 8

    Battleships 2
    Carriers 2
    Destroyers 2
    Transports 3
    Submarines 4
    Fighters 4
    Bombers 2
    Tanks 7
    Artillery 4
    Infantry 10

    Battleships 1
    Carriers 1
    Destroyers 1
    Transports 1
    Submarines 1
    Fighters 3
    Bombers 1
    Tanks 5
    Artillery 4
    Infantry 8

    Battleships 2
    Carriers 2
    Destroyers 5
    Transports 5
    Submarines 3
    Fighters 4
    Bombers 2
    Tanks 4
    Artillery 4
    Infantry 10

    United States
    Battleships 2
    Carriers 3
    Destroyers 3
    Transports 4
    Submarines 3
    Fighters 5
    Bombers 2
    Tanks 4
    Artillery 4
    Infantry 10

    So there is a discrepancy in what the actual piece count is supposed to be. 😞

  • TripleA '12

    I knew this would happen; that’s why I wanted to check. How the hell am I supposed to play the US with only 2 Destroyers, for crying out loud? ☹

  • @lozmoid
    well, a couple of things.
    This isn’t a full A&A game. Think more along the lines of 1941 as the IPCs are less.
    Second, do what I did and use pieces from Spring 1942 (which will never be played as the map sucks and the rules are better in 42 SE) or another A&A game.
    It is a less expensinve A&A game so costs were cut on pieces.

    The bright side is they included money AND a second card deck to convert 1942 SE into a zombie game.

    I think this is the first A&A game in a long time which is priced right for what you get.

  • 2018 2017


    Well, we all have plenty of pieces that aren’t regularly used, i have like 8 versions of this game.

    With a few proxies, the pieces are adequate. I don’t like breaking up boxed games and shuffling pieces around, but if you had an obsolete copy, pulling out 1-2 of each of the units for the 5 key teams would probably be enough to avoid more scrounging and digging during an AAZ game.

    Moving the deploy phase to the end lets you draw on pieces that have just been removed/consolidated, you dont sit there for your whole turn with a pile of reserves.

    We also added pink or blue chips as two (2), this allows further consolidation.

  • @taamvan I don’t break up games either.
    Having 2 copies of each game helps. 🙂
    I just think Spring 1942 is a dog with its small map and bad rules. I prefer 1942 SE over Spring 1942 as well.

    I pick up used A&A games for $5-$10 each , older versions mind you, whenever I see them for the pieces.
    Spring 1942 is one I see regularly and buy if in the price range. That is why I have 3 copies. One is now with 1941 and one with A&A&Z.

  • 2018 2017

    Didn’t mean to direct my comments just to you, getting used to the new forum.

    Yes, once you’ve played G40, the other versions seem zoomed up and dinky by comparison. I like the old Europe and Guadalcanal, fortress America alot, we’ve tried to use the pieces for a variety of games and ideas.

    In 1995 found a copy of FA in the trash on the way home from work. Somebody hid a bottle of evan willams in it. I tossed the bottle…and yes, scrounged for the pieces so I have 2 copies.

  • FA is the one I don’t own of the gamesmaster series.

    It would have some unique pieces to enhance other A&A games.

    G40 is the best when you have time and a group.

    I’m hoping A&A&Z with or without the zombies will be a version my son will play.
    Shorter and less pieces are the draw right now.

  • Are there any other A&A games that have the same color scheme as zombies? I tried combining pieces from A&A 42 1st edition but noticed the colors were slightly off. I know HBG sells pieces but they are currently out of UK and Japanese (Which I need). I just wanted to check if I missed any other A&A game that matches colors.

  • I am not sure. Plastic colouring is funny that way. I imagine it would also vary between print runs as it isn’ as important to monitor.

    I like the colours to all match so I replaced all my units from A&A&Z with pieces from a spare Spring 1942 game.

    I also doubled the piece count to reduce the number of chips used in a game.

  • Hey that’s not a bad idea to replace the entire OOB set with my spare 42’ game. Still its a shame that I have to this. Reminds me of the Japanese tac bomber fiasco back when Pacific 1940 1st edition was released.

  • I did it because I had a spare Spring 1942 game. Never going to play it with 1942 2nd ed. around.

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