Somebody please make a "MOD" of AAZ for Axis and allies 1940 global

  • I played my first couple of AAZ games and am very intriqued by the depth the zombies ad to the gameplay. Suddently zombies pop up unexpected and you have to change your strategy. Wouldent it be a great mod for 1940 global 😛

  • Lazy way: Use the 1942 cards. Pull two(or 3) cards each time you would have pulled one card in AAZ. When you pull a card that has multiple territories contained within it(because global has more) randomly decide which territory the zombie goes in amongst those those that fit into the 1942 territory on the card.  (IE: Pull french indochina/thailand from the 1942 deck?  That has Malaya, french indochina and siam in it on the global board.  Roll a D6, 1-2 malaya ,3-4 FIC, 5-6 siam)

  • I like it. especially for trials to see if it actually is playable with zombies. At some point if it works i think it would be nice with cards for each territory.

  • @Maxiheimer It looks like HBG just released a Zombie expansion pack that is AAG 1940 compatible. It looks fun.

  • 2020 '18 '17


    I could be wrong, but their expansion is intended to be compatible with “Global War”, their clone of AxA Global. Global War and The War Game are both solid, Axa clones, but they are quite a bit more complex than AxA Global and have different maps.

  • @taamvan Whoops, you’re right. The funny thing is that many of the Global War expansions from HBG are compatible with AAG1940, and I just thought the new Zombie expansion was as well. But now that I’ve gone through the rules I don’t see anything about compatibility with AAG1940. Oh well.

  • 2020 '18 '17


    An adaptation to Global wouldn’t be difficult but not sure it would be fun, either. remains to be seen. and you got me to dl the full rules to global war so reading those will be interesting.

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for telling me about the HBG expansion.
    I have played a trial game of AA1940 europe where we added zombies. I think it was a lot of fun. It added a new factor to the game that was hard to predict. I think it tilts the balance some in favor of the allies, but might be okay if implemented in global.

  • I just played my first game of AAZ yesterday, and I haven’t played AAG1940 yet, but I’ve got it coming soon. Based on my experience with AAZ so far I’m thinking an adaptation could be done. Hopefully one of the more experienced members of the AA community will take a swing at making “AAGZ” soon.

    Avalon Hill included rules and a card deck in AAZ to adapt it to 1942. It would be awesome if they released a rule book and even a card deck for AAG1940.

  • @Maxiheimer That’s cool, did you use the AAZ zombies or zombies from another source?

    What would really be the coup de grace on an AAG1940 adaptation I think would be a card deck that adds the AAZ style Zombie events “desperate times/desperate measures” to the whole AAG map.

    And if so many other Global War expansions are compatible with AAG1940, theoretically the Global War Zombie expansion could be made compatible with AAG1940 if someone were to try, right? The GW Zombie rulebook treats the zombie outbreak much differently than AAZ does in terms of the mechanics of the zombie units and how the infection spreads, but I don’t see why either couldn’t be made to work with GW1940.

  • what we did was use the card deck for aaz1942 and if the territory on the card covered more than one of the territories on aag1940 map we used a dice to decide which to spawn the zombies to. that way we also used the events and anti zombie upgrades.

  • 2020 '18 '17


    That was a great suggestion and surely there are other cool things that could happen (zombie liberation of turkey, spain etc.)

  • @taamvan
    Yes that could really tilt the balance of the game!

    The major problems that we faced were that taking out france g1 got signifycantly harder and it got a lot harder to take moscow due to zombies being a big help for the defender.

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