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Air vs Navy Question

  • Hi

    My question is : If 2 subs and 1 AC are in a SZ, and i attack them with 1 Ftr and 1 Bmb and get 1 hit. Can the subs be taken as casualties, or it must be the AC ? Since there is no DD attacking, it is like if there was only an AC in the SZ, right?

    Its a bit confusing, id like to know the exact rule  😄


    Ashkayel  :mrgreen: (this smiley is so cool, i must put it in my post !)

  • The subs MAY be taken as casualties.  The question is - would you wish to.  You may opt to lose the AC and submerge/retreat the subs, or you may give up a sub and see how your AC can make out. 
    AFAIR - it’s been a while.

  • Ok thanx, its good to know.

  • mantlefan is correct.

    A&A:Europe subs cannot take hits from airplanes unless the attacking units have destroyer with them.

    So attacking AC & 2 subs is really good option, for taking 18ipc boat down and having 50/50 of not losing a plane.

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