Best strategy for the Axis in Europe only theater?

  • Me and my small group started to play not long ago using Europe 1940 only for now.
    We had a “tryout” game where we looked at the rules to make sure we grasp the bulk of it but only 2 real game properly speaking!

    Those 2 games turned out to be 2 crushing defeat for the Axis.
    I tried to be creative and i also looked at most of strategies out there like ‘‘Sire Blood’s cobra kai’’, “general hand grenade’s Afrikacorps and Sealion” and some others… to no avail!

    Then i finally realized that most of these (if not all) videos were explaining Strategies for a “Global” setup of the game! Depending on what Japan is doing USA and even Russia might have to react and spend some IPC in the Pacific theater!

    But when playing Europe only what would be the best approach for the Axis knowing that no matter what you do the US and Russia will throw all their full economy right at your skull by round 4?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Probably straight Barbarossa.  G2 declaration of war on Russia, a G1 purchase of either 2 bombers/1 sub (to somewhat fake sealion and use bombers for Barbarossa), 6 art/1 tank, or some other buy that would be very useful in the eastern front.  After G2, buy mostly mechs/tanks/planes so they can get to the front lines quickly.

    Also on G1, taking out SZ 110+111 fleets from Britain are important, though taking Normandy/Southern France + France, Yugoslavia, or even Bulgaria are not really needed. You could “ping-pong” your units from Greater Southern Germany to Romania by moving one infantry from Romania and your 6 infantry 2 artillery (and maybe a fighter or tactical bomber to give less infantry for Italy to kill) from GSG and after one round of combat moving them all to Romania.  That way they can all attack Bessarabia on turn 2.

    Italy could send can-openers, but a 100% German push on Russia should take Moscow on G5/6/7, so Italy could focus on North Africa, Gibraltar, and/or the Middle East, as they normally do.  Taking Greece, Southern France, and Gibraltar I1 and clearing the Med of ships (Germany can actually spare a fighter+tac bomber from West Germany to attack the French fleet off the coast of Southern France so Italy gets their bonuses more easily, which is what I normally do on G1) would give Italy 25+ IPCs to spend on I2, which would give them a lot of momentum.  Though this is harder if the British do the Taranto raid (in that case, I would recommend not scrambling unless you have really good reason to).

  • My general German strategy is a G1 purchase of 4 transports.  This forces UK to spend resources shoring up its homeland.  I might be able to capture Britain G2 if I catch the British player with their pants down, but more commonly I wind up using the transports to attack Novgorod on G3.

    I take France and Normandy G1, along with crippling the British navy in the Atlantic.  I like to attack the Canadian fleet with a couple subs, since that prevents Britain from bringing those Canadian units as reinforcements, and the subs do some convoy disruption as well.  I also usually attack the two fleets in SZ 110 and 111.

    I then follow up with an attack on the Soviets on G2.  My goal is to capture Leningrad on G3, which is usually pretty doable.  From there, it’s a forceful push to Moscow.

    My Italian strategy is somewhat dependent on what UK does on their first turn, by my overall goal is to capture Egypt and push into the Middle East to gain the bonus IPCs from controlling that region.  If the UK doesn’t devote a lot of resources defending Africa, I like to build an IC in Egypt to solidify control of Africa and the Middle East without requiring a navy.

    I also try to maintain control of Gibraltar, but this can be difficult once the US gets in the war, since they can dump troops directly from the US into Gibraltar.  If the US decides to focus its efforts on the Mediterranean, I usually find it turns into a game of delaying the US until Germany can capture Moscow.  If the US turns its efforts to Germany, Italy can usually take over Africa and build itself a significant industrial base.

    That’s my 2 cents, anyway.  I’ve won several games with the Axis using the strategy.  The biggest thing that can go wrong with it is if the British player has a hot dice hand on G1 and wipes out a lot of your air force.  It’s possible to come back from that, but it makes things decidedly more challenging, since you don’t have the extra firepower against the Soviets, and it is more difficult to suppress the British and keep them from building a navy.

  • @TheMarshall Sounds a lot like i do except i want to launch Barbarossa right away on G1, why?

    Because taking Bessarabia/ Eastern Poland on G1 is a walk in the park. But if you can also send a fighter and a tac to bomb troops in Western Ukraine you weaken greatly any threat of counter attack on R1.
    Bottom line is the less time you give Russia the better are the odds for Germany.

    Of course on G1 i buy 1 Minor Industrial Complex for Romania (to pump 3 tanks every turn), 1 destroyer (to take care of those pesky Russian Subs and 1 fighter (to compensate losses against Royal Navy in SZ110/111)

    And like you said from there it is forcing my way up to Moscow, Hopefully by turn 5, most probably by turn 6!

    As for Italy my main goal is to take Cairo and hold it at all cost (possibly putting a Minor industrial complex to pump 3 inf/ turn).
    Also for Italy i want them to spend their first 10 IPC to buy 1 tank/1 mech, that is all i ask from their economy!
    This purchase added with both tanks from Albania and North Italy and air force can meet German force and “can open” Rostov on their T3 with all they have (3 tanks, 1 mech, 2 Fighters, 1 Bomber)

    That way Germany can hopefully tank rush Stalingrad on G4.
    That being done Italy is now in position to accomplish 1 of 2 things:
    A) “can open” Tambov on turn 4 if Germany is rolling like hell and ready to invade Moscow on G5 (chances are slim i know!)
    B) blizt south through Caucasus and protect Germany south “belly” while Germany is turning west heading for Leningrad possibly it’s last victory city!

    All the while putting infantry on Paris (German- Italian)/ Rome/ Berlin

    Long story short my overall goal is to delay US long enough while Germany is rolling towards Leningrad by T7… maybe 8!

    Delaying US?
    A) Using some clever blocker move in SZ92 (to delay a turn or two the US fleet in the Med)
    B) Letting go all North Africa in simply turteling up on Cairo.
    C) Letting go Normandy, Holland, South France and turtleling on Main Capitals only while Bombing Threats.

    I know… on paper any plan looks great 😉

  • @Soviet-Steamroller I’ve always found the Stalingrad strategy to be a difficult one, as it’s just too far from Germany’s industrial base. Couple that with the fact that the Soviets can reach both Ukraine and Stalingrad in one turn with mechs and tanks, and it seems like Germany just runs out of steam. They’re not able to effectively crush the Soviets before the US is knocking on their door. If Italy assists, that gives it a much better chance of success, but my Italian strategy is usually focused on Africa and the Middle East.

    By contrast, Leningrad is much closer to Germany’s power base, and with transports in the Baltic, it’s generally a simple matter to capture and hold it, using it as an industrial base for the assault on Moscow. Because it takes the Soviets two turns minimum to reach it, it is nearly impossible for them to mount a counter-attack and take it back. Furthermore, the air base allows Germany to keep their air force in play to defend the homeland, while still menacing the majority of Soviet territory.

    I also like to wait until G2 to declare war against the Soviets, just to keep Britain guessing. I can see why you’d go with a G1 attack on the Soviets, though, since as you say, it definitely puts them back on their heels. For my tastes, I just find it allows Britain much more freedom and clarity. Without any pressure against Britain’s capital, they can usually build enough navy/air force to make your life miserable.

    Again, just my two cents.

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