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    @jordan111 said in Axis & Allies and Zombies Q+A:

    I have a question about fighting zombies in a territory you control. We’ve been treating zombies like transports or submarines where you can move some forces through and dedicate others to fight the zombies.

    First is this correct?

    Yes, as long as the units passing through are making a valid combat move.

    Secondly if this is correct, can we dedicate airplanes only to fight the zombies (only 1 round)?


  • I am creating this to clarify for myself and anyone else that might be questioning the AAZ rulebook. 🙂

    (1) Z.I.B.R.A. Suits - Each of your infantry units in a territory prevents one zombie in that territory from attacking in the Zombie Attack phase (phase 2).
    – So, this means that if you have territory that you are controlling and have 5 infantry and 7 zombies only 2 zombies can attack in phase 2?

    (2) Z-4 Explosives - While you have artillery present in a battle, your units in that battle now hit zombies on a 5 or 6.
    – Is this saying that any of your units (infantry, tank, fighter, etc.) can do this or is it just your artillery units?

    (3) Chainsaw Tanks - Each tank that ends its combat move in a territory containing zombies may roll a combat die to attack those zombies before combat.
    – This is pretty self explanatory; but, I question how the verbiage really applies to “ends it combat move”. If there is a territory you control with tanks and zombies in it do you really have to physically move your tank to do the “Chainsaw Tanks” technology? I would say ‘no’ because I believe when you announce where you are going to have combat is technically your ‘combat move’.

    (4) Air-D.O.T.s - When you have no land units present in a battle against only zombies, your aircraft may continue combat for one additional round against zombies.
    – This one I think is completely clear. Questions?

    (5) Deadnapper Convoys - In non-combat movement, your unused transports may pick up one or two zombies from friendly or zombie-controlled territories and deploy them into any territory as though they were infantry.
    – This is pretty straightforward. Questions?

    (6) Zombie Mind Control Ray - Once per turn you may non-combat move a zombie from a territory your units occupy into an adjacent non-neutral territory (even an enemy territory).
    – This one is a big one for me. Is it once-per-turn-per-territory or you can only move one, single zombie on your non-combat turn?

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    @Krieghund Good point - and merged.

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    (1) Correct.

    (2) All of your units in the battle gain the ability.

    (3) Any territory containing zombies and your tanks where combat occurs counts.

    (6) It is one single zombie, not one per territory.

  • @Krieghund thank you for all of the clarification.

    I am personally disappointed about Tech 6 though. I was hoping for one zombie per territory per turn. Not sure if it would be true or not but i thought it might speed up the game and be like the ‘herds’ in the Walking Dead. And I don’t see how moving a single zombie would really make a difference. Maybe I am not seeing the bigger picture.

  • @Krieghund

    Regarding TECH-2 Z-4 Explosives:

    I have to admit ‘we’ interpreted this wrongly then: only your artillery units will hit on a 5 or 6 when you have this tech.
    This seems to be a very powerful technology then…

    I will respond to the other questions and answers later.
    Thanks for asking the questtisn (@gregkamp) and answering them (@Krieghund).

  • @gregkamp

    Regarding Tech 5: Deadnapper Convoys:

    As I asked here:

    “Must these Zs be dropped off immediatelly? Or may you keep them on board? And maybe move to a location further away next turn and drop these Zs of there?”

  • @gregkamp

    Regarding Tech 6: ZMCR

    As far as I know the following is the case:

    • You must have at least one unit in that area
    • But you do not have to control it. If you have a unit in an area controlled by your ally you can use this technology.
    • Only controlling the area is not enough. You must have at least one unit in that very territory.
    • But that unit can be a factory. So yes, a factory is enough.

    This is based on answers by @DoManMacgee and @Krieghund here: https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/32927/aaz-rule-question-technology-6

    I hope I summarized this correctly.

    One last question: if you play a version of Axis and Allies with Anti Aircraft guns does an AA gun qualify as a unit here so you can use this tech?
    My guess is: yes, it is.

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    @thrasher1 said in Axis & Allies and Zombies Q+A:

    One last question: if you play a version of Axis and Allies with Anti Aircraft guns does an AA gun qualify as a unit here so you can use this tech?
    My guess is: yes, it is.

    It is.

  • Zs capuring a capital

    Zs capture a territory during Phase 3 of a turn. So if enough Zs end up in an otherwise ‘empty’ capital the Zs will take over this capital.
    (See: Phase 3 / page 14 / right column)

    As far as I know this can happen:

    • When an enemy attacks your capital and only Zs are left after combat. Then during Phase 3 of the next turn the Zs will capture the capital and take the money.

    • When you yourself (or an ally) attack the Zs in your capital (which is still controlled by you at that point) and after combat only Zs are left (so they capture capital in next turn and get the money).

    • When during Phase 2 (Zs Attack) all of your units are destroyed by Zs.
      (This is pretty unlikely as the Zs in this phase only hit at 1/6)

    • When enough Zs are moved into your capital by cards or technologies.

    Anyway, the actual capture happens in Phase 3. But at page 23 (left column) under 'Step 9: Conclude Combat and Capture territory it also mentions: “If the Capital was captured by Zs…”.

    But this does not happen in that very moment of the game.

    PS: I really like the concept that a capital has a certain resistance/buffer against being taken over by Zs…

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