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  • When we were playing yesterday we came across a situation in which the rulebook couldn’t help us. My friend was playing Japan and he attacked me (US) in China from Kwangtung. The attack didn’t go as smoothly as planned and he decided to retreat. Then, in the same turn, he wanted to launch another attack on China, but now using his troops in Manchuria. Is that a legitimate move or not?


  • A player must make all combat moves before conducting any actual combat.  In your example, the answer is No, the Japanese player may not conduct another attack on China from Manchuria after trying from Kwangtung.  All combat is considered to be simultaneous.  Plan, announce, and commit to all attacks before you actually start rolling any dice.

  • Correct… ALL combat movement is declared/moved.

    THEN dice are rolled.

  • LOL, that person definitaly played to much RISK!
    'cause in RISK you can do the move you are talking about, but not in A&A…

    you can see it on the left of the chart of every axis and allie:
    first you have combat move
    then you have conduct combat

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