Question on transports Bridging troops across water

  • Hello all

    currently doing first A&A game with friends, enjoying it a lot.
    (really enjoying the benefits of having a dedicated gaming table for leaving long games out, TBC another day etc)

    so im playing Axis and my Allied opponents are gleefully about to invade Europe. we not sure on transport rules regarding bridging land units across from UK.

    can units be 1-turn-bridged across from Uk to normandy as an amphibious assault (ie axis still own normandy) ?

    can units be 1-turn-bridged across from Uk to normandy as a non-combat move (ie allies have already captured normandy) ?

    thanks in advance

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    The answer to both questions is yes. You don’t have to move the transport to use the rest of the functions (transport capacity, ability to land troops on hostile shores, ability to land troops on friendly shores) that transports have.


  • Transports cannot move on the non-combat movement phase if they have participated in a combat move (i.e. using transports to invade Normandy in your scenario) on the same turn.

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    Also, the “yes” answer presumes that you are referring to UK transports. You cannot use US transports to bridge across in a single turn.

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    Bridging works just the same as any other transport move. The only difference is that the transports do not leave the seazone.

    So for transports in a turn you can on either the combat or non-combat movement phase:

    A) all units are from the same power:

    1. Optional: move your transport
    2. load 1 or 2 units (out which at least 1 is an INF) from 1 or more adjacent land areas in a friendly SZ
    3. Optional: move your transport
    4. Optional: in case in step 2 you loaded only 1 unit, load a second unit (again if you have 2 units at least 1 needs to be an INF) in a friendly SZ
    5. Optional: move your transport (end in friendly SZ)
    6. Optional: unload units into 1 hostile area (amphibious assault) or 1 friendly area (non-combat reinforcement).
      Note in all the movements the transport can not exceed the maximum number of movements it has (so standard 2, when departing from a friendly harbor 3).

    Note the transport movement is completely optional so bridging occurs when you don’t move the transports at all.
    You can only use a transport once per turn, so you can’t do an amphibious landing and in the same turn reinforce the land area using the same transport. Obviously you can reinforce it using a different transport.

    B) When the transport belongs to a different power:

    1. On your turn load the units into the transport
    2. _Optional_On the other powers turn move the transport
    3. On your next turn unload into an area.

    Note you will always have to wait one turn when loading and unloading using a different powers transports. So even when the transports don’t move you can not load and unload on the same turn using a different powers transports.

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