Omg, no more infantries…!!

  • ok, so I was soooooo… you know, freak out, yes because of the infantries OTL

    I was axis, and my brother was allies, we two were playing AaA.

    and for all his Russia turns, he always buys 8 infantries, that’s right, and they are all in RUSSIA.
    even though I finally took over Moscow, still, I lost so many units.

    so, is there any good stratgy for attacking such kind of Russia player?
    he can just sit there and wait untill I attack him, and he just keeping buying more and more infantries = =++
    (I know, if I’m russia, I would probably done the same thing too…)


    so here’s another question@@a

    now the allies only have 3 vic cities: D.C., L.A., and London.

    I think I’ll go for UK’s fall first, so I guess all my military should just attack London.
    but he did the same thing again, he just defence and defence, there’s only 2 fights, 5 tanks, and HELLA infantries.

    what should I do? all my transports are so easy to be defeated by his fighters (the US has long rage aircrafts, and he bought hella fighters and place them in Greenland.)
    actually when he sees I;m buying naval units, he just starts attacking.

    I know it’s my fault to let him bought too many fighters, but what can I do for defeating UK for the situation I’m facing?


  • Well I believe your best bet lies in battleships. Your economy should be overwhelming at this point with the Allies backed up just to their core capitals and Russia dead. So the UK is at something like…12 IPCs and the US is at 37 IPCs? Make sure you drain every IPC you can away from them in Africa and Europe/Asia and the islands.

    Once you increase your battleship count to a certain point, you’re indestructible. They won’t be able to build enough fighters to overcome you, and you can just keep bombarding the capital with more and more battleships while they are only building the same number of infantry every turn.

    It might be rough at first since the US has built so many fighters, but realize your economy is just devastatingly overwhelming at this point and you can afford to trade your ships for his fighters and come out ahead. Japan should be landing troops in Alaska/West Canada to help out.

  • thanks trihero, I think I’ll just go for as many BBs as I can.

    so just another quick question, bombardment can only be used when my transprots are off loading my land units right?
    (the BBs must be in the same SZ and did NOT conduct any combat.)

    I’m thinking about taking Bazil, but I dont know if that’s an good idea…

    since the allies have no sea unit at this point, just fighters, I can still have extra 3 ipcs from Brazil,
    as long as the allies dont have land unit off load from transports. (even my land units may be killed by the fighters, I can still have the territory.)

    I’ll probably go ask another question about opening fire @@a

  • Yeah grab as many IPCs from them as you can.

    You do have to unload at least 1 unit to bombard. Just offload like 1 infantry and then bombard with 20 battleships ^_^

  • if you have problems getting a good fleet in the water 'cause the other player has a lot of fighters while you have lots of IPC’s?

    One way to go: you buy fighters, too…
    say, you have 60 IPC’s for G? you buy 6 of them!
    the next turn you buy 3 AC’s… (totalling 16x3 = 48 IPC’s) (and maybe one transport, too :-P)
    since you can allocate fighters directly on a newly built AC, the fighters are deployed immediately in a sea zone!
    so, your buys in 2 turns match about 10 figs!!! and I think he can’t buy 10 figs in 2 turns, right? 😛

    another way to go?
    just spent NOTHING in one round!!! this isn’t done frequently, but you are going to have a lot of IPC’s to spend in one turn (so you will have a massive fleet in the water in one turn)
    same example? say, 60 IPC’s for G? waiting 1 turn gives you 120 IPC’s to spend… that’s 5 BB at once! or 3 loaded AC’s…

    should he have more then 10 figs at the moment of deploying your fleet in the water? (I don’t know this one out of experience  :-o)
    then do a combination of both possible things:
    just buy 2 rounds of figs (so, 12 figs in total) then spent nothing one round and the next turn buy at least 6 AC’s)
    in 4 rounds you have bought yourself one massive fleet of 6 loaded AC!!! and this fleet has not been in the water subject to fig-attacks at all!!!
    6 loaded AC’s if defending match about (63+124)/6 = 66/6 = 11 losses per turn for the attacker
    this defending value can be compared with about 20 attacking figs! if he has about 20 IPC’s to spend per turn he can buy two figs per turn (not much, but still annoying…), so, 4 turns x 2 figs is 8 figs: meaning, if he has 12 figs to start and you got NONE, in 4 turns your defending value has matched his attack value!

    I’m not sure you will ever have to deal with this situation, but who knows…
    the best thing to do for sure: take as many IPC’s you can!!!
    and if you want to do it faster? take it with the same country: it’s better and easier to have one country at 70 IPC and one at 30 IPC then 2 countries having each 50 IPC’s…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yet, why would Germany need 5 BBs and 3 carriers? 😮  That would be suicide to the Nth degree.  Germany would have to pretty much go on the defensive on land and retreat very slowly backward, while conserving her forces into two majorly huge stacks.

  • Uhhh Fox, did you even read the thread???  They are talking about when Russia is already dead, and Germany is making way more $$$ than the allies.  If you are playing total victory this part can get pretty annoying.  Britain building pure infantry makes it hard to land on.  Also, U.S. has many fighters.  This is no longer a ground war, its 90% naval and AF.

  • 2007 AAR League

    :oops: My bad.  I only half read the thread.  sorry. 😢

  • Thats ok I can see where you’d assume this wasn’t post Russia invasion.  Most of the time we end the game after Germany has gotten to Russia, usually the game is over.  Or vice versa, if Allies in Berlin we usually finish the game.  With a few exceptions though.  One time Berlin was captured, however Japan had almost all of Africa and all of Asia and Russia.  Japan was heavy navy in Pacific and was pumping out tons of tanks in Russia.  They invaded Mexico, Panama, Brazil, and Alaska.  The Axis actually won!!!  That game was like 8 hours it was unbelievable.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I’ve played those types of marathon games.  They either end up draining the brain or becoming really really fun at the end.

  • ai…
    so finally we finish the game, it took us totally like 24 hrs.
    I did not capture London, just because he said he doesnt want to play anymore OTL

    I didnt know you can place fighters on AC when you just buy it,
    oh well, another great lesson XD"

    anyways, thank you all for helping XDD"

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