Battle of the Bay Area! January 26-27 2019

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    Come join us for the second battle of the Bay Area January 26/27 2019!  We will be playing AA Anniversary using the 1941 set up with a bid for the allies.  More info to come within the next week or two.  Pm if you would like to join or have any questions.  Thanks guys!
    Roster so far.
    1.  Argothair
    2.  Karl7
    3.  Corpo24
    4.  VitalSigns
    5. USS Nevada
    6. Hkytown1
    7.  Chaos 543
    8.  Moffet Field
    9.  Dominic
    10. Siredblood
    11.  Teflon
    12. Bill24
    13. Dave Jensen
    14. Tvleavitt

    2nd Bay Area Invitational Tournament (“BAIT”)
    Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition


    The tournament runs from 9 am to 10 pm on both Saturday, January 26th AND Sunday, January 27th, 2019. You must attend the tournament on BOTH DAYS to be competitive. Over the course of the weekend, all players will get to play 4 games of A&A Anniversary Edition, 1941 Scenario (2 games per day). First-round pairings are at the discretion of our host, Karl S, and pairings for rounds two through four will be made using the Swiss System. All games are at Karl S’s neighborhood clubhouse at 52 Salvatore Drive, Novato, CA. Light snacks, soft drinks, and beer will be provided. Please bring everything else you need. Please bring a copy of A&A Anniversary Edition if you have one, and, if you can afford it, please bring $20 to contribute toward the prize purse.


    Pairings after the first round will be made by the Swiss system: players will be ranked in order after each round based on the number of games they have won (primary) and the number of total victory cities they have held at the end of their games (tiebreaker), and then each player will play someone who is immediately above them or immediately below them in rank. This will tend to concentrate the strongest players at the top of the list so that they will play each other near the end of the tournament. Players are encouraged to compete solo, but you may enter as a 2-person team if you wish.


    Before the start of each game, players must “bid” to determine who will play the Allies. Players roll dice to see who makes the opening bid, with the highest roll bidding first. Each player then takes turns naming a number of IPCs that they would demand in order to play the Allies. For example, a player could say, “I’ll play the Allies if you give me a bid of 15.” The next bid must be at least one full IPC lower, e.g., “I’ll play the Allies if you give me a bid of 14.” If you do not want to undercut the bid, you must allow your opponent to take the Allies at his most recent bid. Bids are allowed to go zero or even negative (a bid for the Axis).

    If you win the bid, you may spend your bid on any units you wish, to be placed on the board before the start of the game. You may also assign part or all of your bid as a one-time bonus of extra cash to go into the treasury of one or more of your nations. You may not place more than one bid unit per land territory or more than one bid unit per sea zone. You may only place land units in territories where your nation already has at least one unit, no British infantry may be bid in Sudan or Yakut SSR. You may only place sea units in sea zones where you already have at least one ship from that nation, e.g., no Russian subs may be bid in the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean. You may bid a fighter and place it on a pre-existing carrier, but bidding a carrier does not give you the right to move existing fighters onto that carrier. You may spend your bid on factories, AAA guns, and/or Chinese units of any type, if you wish. Placing a ship in a sea zone near a territory does not “use up” your right to place a land unit in that territory.


    Cairo is added as the 19th Victory City. No player can win the game during the first 2 rounds of play. Starting at the end of Germany’s third turn, if any player ends any nation’s turn with control of 13 or more out of the 19 Victory Cities, then that player immediately wins the game. At the end of the USA’s eighth turn, if the game has not already ended, then whoever holds more total victory cities wins the game. If you win a game by forfeit, then your score for tiebreaker purposes is 12 Victory Cities, regardless of the position on the board and/or whether the game has even started. If you lose a game by forfeit, your score for tiebreaker purposes is zero victory cities.

    Each player will have:
    • 40 minutes for round 1 (including bid placement),
    • 30 minutes for round 2, and then
    • 20 minutes for rounds 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
    • 3 timeouts of 5 minutes each to be used at any time.

    Time is regulated by a chess clock that is either running against you, running against your opponent, or paused. The clock starts running against the Allies as soon as the players agree on a bid. The Allies may hit the clock once they have finished placing their bid to start the clock for the Axis. At the end of each nation’s turn, you may hit the clock after you have finished placing all of your units and national markers. You may calculate national objectives and collect your income while your opponent’s clock is running.
    The clock should only be paused before the game starts, during an official timeout, or when calling the referee. Do not pause the clock merely because you are rolling dice for combat. If your opponent is delaying the game by taking too long to decide on casualty selection, call a referee. As soon as one turn is over, reset the clock for both players and re-start the clock.

    You may save time from one nation to the next, but not from one round to the next. Timeouts can be used for large battles, extra thinking, rules questions, bathroom breaks, phone calls, or just because. You may call a timeout during any player’s turn. You may end your timeout early, but you may not ‘save’ part of your timeout for another turn.

    If you run out of time before completing all of your turns in a round, then at the end of the round, you must pay 1 IPC to the bank per minute that you go over. You may pay these IPCs from any nation or nations. If you have timeouts remaining, you may forfeit one or more timeouts to reduce your fine by 5 IPCs per timeout.

    All games end immediately six hours after the posted start time, with no grace period whatsoever, not even to finish the current turn. For example, a game with a 9 am start time will end no later than 3 pm. The player who currently has the most victory cities wins a game that is called on time after six hours.


    If Karl S is not playing in the tournament, then Karl S is the referee. If Karl S is playing in the tournament, then you may call over any player who is not in your game to act as a referee.

    You may pause your clock and call the referee at any time if:
    • your opponent appears to be stalling;
    • you have a question about the game rules or tournament rules, or;
    • you have a family or medical emergency.

    The referee’s decisions are final. If you mistreat the referee or repeatedly call the referee for stupid reasons, the referee may fine you up to 10 IPCs per violation, to be paid to the bank immediately.

    Saturday, 8:30 am: ​Arrive and Setup
    Saturday, 9 am:​​Start of Game 1
    Saturday, 4 pm:​​Start of Game 2
    Sunday, 9 am:​​Start of Game 3
    Sunday, 4 pm:​​Start of Game 4
    Sunday, 10 pm:​​Awards and Prizes

    (you may start any game earlier if all players are ready)


    The tournament directors understand that this is a recreational activity, that many people are travelling to the tournament site, and that keeping an exact schedule can be difficult. The goal is to help people have fun by playing as much A&A as possible. To the best of our ability, if you arrive late to the tournament, we will match you with other people who also arrived late to the tournament. However, if your opponents are ready to start and are forced to wait for you because no one else is available to play, you will be penalized 1 IPC (returned to the bank) for each minute that your opponents are waiting for you. If your opponents are waiting for you for a full hour, then you will automatically forfeit your game. You will still be allowed to play in the remaining games of the tournament.

    Smack talk, drinking, and enthusiasm are encouraged, but all players are required to behave respectfully at all times. If you threaten anyone, behave violently, seriously disturb another player’s game, or otherwise disrupt the tournament, you will be asked to leave and you will forfeit all of your games.


    The winner of the tournament will be the player who has won the most games. In case of ties, the player who has held the most total victory cities will win. If there is still a tie, the cumulative number of victory cities held by all opponents faced by each player will be used as the last tiebreaker. If this number is also the same then the tournament is a draw and prizes must be shared or awarded based on a die roll.


    Except as otherwise noted, all rules are as written in the printed rulebook that comes with the game. Cairo (in Egypt) is added as the 19th victory city. Dice should be rolled on a table or in a box. Unless your opponent agrees otherwise, dice that fall onto the floor and/or get wedged so that they are balanced on an edge or corner (i.e., not flat on one side) are invalid and should be re-rolled. Unless your opponent agrees otherwise, dice that fall outside a box or cup but still land on the surface of the table are valid and should be kept as-is.

    Canals never block the movement of fighters or bombers. Controlling Gibraltar, Morocco, Norway, Denmark, and/or Thailand does nothing to block the movement of enemy ships. You must control Panama at the start of your turn to cross the Panama Canal with ships at any time during your turn. You must control both Egypt and Trans-Jordan at the start of your turn to cross the Suez Canal with ships at any time during your turn. The Turkish straits are permanently closed to all ships (air travel is allowed).

    There is no interception of enemy bombers. You may land fighters on a newly constructed carrier, and you may place newly built fighters on a new or old carrier in a sea zone adjacent to your factory, but you may not give a fighter a ‘fifth move’ by automatically relocating it from your factory to your carrier after it has already moved four spaces.

    Technology and national objectives are available. Improved Factory Production applies to all territories, not just to territories worth at least 3 IPCs each. Casualties from naval bombardment are assigned before defenders can return fire, and are capped by the number of attacking land units, i.e., if you attack with 2 infantry and 5 battleships, you can only roll 2 dice for shore bombardment. “Low luck” rules are not in place for any aspect of the game, but if you roll for technology and score zero hits, you keep all of your tech tokens and may use them to roll again on your next turn.

    All players will be issued an official IPC tracker. Players are not required to use the tracker, but in case of any dispute about a nation’s current IPC count, a player who has tracked the IPCs on the official tracker will be believed over a player who has not done so.

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    Come join us for the second battle of the Bay Area January 26/27 2019!  We will be playing AA Anniversary using the 1941 set up with a bid for the allies.  More info to come within the next week or two.  Pm if you would like to join or have any questions.  Thanks guys!
    Roster so far.
    1.  Argothair
    2.  Karl7
    3.  Corpo24
    4.  James G

    Argothair is a dead man!

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    Ha! He has won two gold medals this year! Somebody needs to stop him lol 😜

  • Thx Corpo!  Looking forward to it!

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    No problem. Sounds good 👍

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10



    Come join us for the second battle of the Bay Area January 26/27 2019!  We will be playing AA Anniversary using the 1941 set up with a bid for the allies.  More info to come within the next week or two.  Pm if you would like to join or have any questions.  Thanks guys!
    Roster so far.
    1.  Argothair
    2.  Karl7
    3.  Corpo24
    4.  James G

    Argothair is a dead man!

    Argothair died?? OMG when was the funeral?

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    It’ll be January 28th – come join us for the tournament; you can enjoy a twofer.

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    Come down Garg! Good competition here and always good times!

  • '17 '16 Customizer

    Plan to attend… still waiting on jay to confirm

  • '19

    Sounds good brother! Looking forward to it!

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Not to preempt your plans but if I can convince @smo63 to allow this tournament be a qualifier for the “at large” spot in the Gen Con Masters Tournament, then would you all be willing to play Smorey’s Tournament rules for AA50? It could be the West Coast Masters Tournament.

    Note: I have ulterior motives, I’m going to win this so I can play in the Masters at GenCon. 😉

  • '19

    That’s very nice of you but we are using our own tourney rules. Maybe next time though. Hoping you can come by and visit or play if you would like to. Thanks

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    @Corpo24 Do you have a copy of the tournament rules published anywhere?

  • I live in San Jose and would like to get in on this tournament.

  • '19

    That’s great! Looking forward to meet you. Any questions?

  • @Corpo24 Where do we meet to play? Any players in the South Bay?

  • '19

    We play in Novato (Marin) county. About twenty minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge. We have one guy coming from Santa Clara. Send me your email address so I can get you on our email thread. You can email me at

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    @Corpo24 I can do Novato.

    When you get a chance, please post your tournament rules. As anybody who’s played Gen Con knows, timed tournament games are a different style of A&A.

    Also, do you want this promoted? Or are you keeping it small? I have a newsletter going out most likely on Cyber Monday.

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    Tourney rules are up
    You can promote it if you want.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    @Corpo24 Do you want to make a “poster” for it? Like what @Gargantua does?

  • '19

    Sure if you have time. Thank you so much 😊

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    @Corpo24 I was asking if you want to make a poster. I definitely don’t have time. 😉

  • '19

    Eek! I’m pretty busy with the holidays around the corner. I will see what I can do. 😎

  • I’m in Santa Cruz, have to confirm with client about timing of January business trip, but if not an issue, I’m in and would happily carpool with people (would make the two hour drive there and back less boring).

  • '19

    Yeah I saw your comment on FB. I’m Karl Szemeredi (corpo24)
    We have two guys coming from the Santa Clara region I believe. Hoping you can make it! Feel free to ask any questions if you have any on here or via messenger.

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