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  • Just wondering what books are people reading?  I recently finished “Closing the Ring” by Winston Churchill and am now working on a book called “Of Acceptable Risk” by William W. Lowrance.

    I wouldn’t strongly recommend either, but if you are a BIG WWII enthusiast, “Closing the Ring” (as well as the rest of the series, this is only one volume of Churchill’s memoirs) does provide a great insight into the thoughts of Winston Churchill throughout WWII.

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    I have all 6 books in first edition hardbound copy. They are awesome indeed!

  • Yeah, the biggest surprise/insight I had was the part where Churchill and the king both wanted to be present for the D-day invasion.  But they had to call it off because of the risk of a stray torpedo, etc. sinking the ship they were on and the inevitable moral problems this would cause.

  • Still plowing through State of Fear here…

  • dreamthief’s daughter- michael moorcock of elric fame, the start is set in 1930’s germany, cool assesment of nazi-ism

  • The thing with Moorcock is that you can;t take him too seriously.  I think he summed up the total “significance” of his own works in the final pages of “Elric at the End of Time”

    “… Did it have to be made of SANDSTONE?”

  • how could you possibly take him too seriously, it is fiction after all

    but still a good read

  • Eh… I have read far better Heroic Fiction.

    Elric was ground breaking as a serial… when it was done.  As a series of books… it is less than average.

  • kind of like fafred and the grey mouser?
    i think the difference is moorcock is off drugs now (conjecture) this books is more recent and i am only just into starting it (ch.4)

    i agree, elric saga was from a different time/era we will see how this one pans out i just thought is was cool that it contained “AnA” timing

  • Just finished “Transforming America’s Military”, and currently reading a bunch of stuff on democracy promotion to write a short article.  Also, reading Green Rider, a fantasy novel that my girlfriend lent me.

    Hoping at some point to read Octavia Butler’s trilogy.  Did you know that she passed away a couple weeks ago?

  • I am currently reading " The Roosevelt Myth"

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