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Attack on seazone 14 G1

  • Is it recommended that you attack zeasone 14 with 2 submarines, aswell as taking an infantry unit to land on gibraltar? This would destroy the brittish fighter, but since you will most likely lose your transport (and destroyer if you move it in to protect the transport).

    Is it recommended to make a gamble and attack seazone 11 with just one submarine? I have previously played the 1942 version of the game and it got an exellent game guide for Germany, but I´m not sure what types of strategies you should try as Germany in this version of the game.

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    It depends on what R does.

    If R has stacked West Russia with everything it has, then my G air can be used against the GB navy. I which case most likely 1 sub, 1 battleship, 2 fighters against sz8. 1 sub, 1 destroyer, 1 bomber and 1 fig vs sz14. Leaving a sub to attack sz11 with my fingers crossed!

    But if R is daft enough to give me an opportunity that requires my G air, then I feel able to take some risks in the Atlantic, given Moscow’s anticipated speedy fall. sz8 - 1 battleship and 2 subs. sz 14 - just the sub, keeping the destroyer back. If I am feeling particularly lucky I use just 1 sub in sz8 and the other against sz11, which avoids my having 2 subs in one sz for the GB destroyer to target with air support.


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