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    Update to 1.92

    1.92 Make USA Objective “Presence In France” a Map Option and add to Objectives Tab. Add “Capital Cash Once” (The second time a Capital is captured it’s PUs are destroyed instead of captured) as a Map Option. Make most Players able to Declare War on “True Neutrals” individually when “Charles de Gaulle Neutrals Modified” or “Vichy Option” is activated.

  • @oztea Awesome stuff here! If you were to make Canada a separate power, how would you change the setup, if any?

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    Hi Warlord

    Not speaking for oz, but I plan on adding Canada at some point. simon33 laid the ground work for Global 40 and I adapted it to the house rules mod. Basically what I did was take dough and units away from UK and give them to Canada along with a NO of their own. It seems to work fairly good.

    Ended up with this:

    1. “CanadaBoost” Gives plus 1 PU to British Columbia. Newfoundland Labrador and Yukon Territory are now worth 1 PU. May also be activated via Map Options with “Canada Boost”.

    2. “CanadaUnitBoost” Gives 2 Infantry and a Tac Bomber to Alberta. Also places 2 infantry in UK. May also be activated via Map Options with “Canada Boost”.

    3. “CanadianNationalObjectives” Gives 2 PUs to Canada if Sea Zones 117 and 123 are Allied controlled.

    So something similar to that for starters is the plan. Here’s what it looks like.

    Screenshot from 2020-05-20 14-02-36.png

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    I love the idea of adding Canada to 1939. One little thing is Newfoundland was a separate Dominon at the time, so it should be part of UK Europe (and can stay at $0).

    Regarding the NOs I’d give the UK Europe $5 Canadian territory NO to Canada, but remove the US at war qualifier and restrict the sub-free zone to sz116-123. I’d prefer to just keep the IPC values on the map as is ($7), perhaps there could be another NO that pumps up their income to $15-16. Perhaps they could get an extra $3 once the US is at war. I don’t think BC needs to be $2, Canada will need to be doing pretty well to build an IC there and ANZAC can take care of the Pacific.

    For UK Europe would add a $3 NO for no subs in sz 101-109 on top of their $5 NO for critical territories.

  • If Germany attacks Benelux, all Dutch countries become pro-allies.
    This means Allies can take money islands Dutch Indies during non-combat.

    This also should mean that Japan is allowed to attack them while not at war with Allies. Game engine does not allow it though. What is correct?

  • First of all: great job!

    Then I would like to have USA entry to war clarified in more detail.

    Notes say
    “USA cannot go to war against the Axis until the beginning of PU collect phase of USA 5, unless of course an Axis power attacks it first.”

    We assume that “or London has fallen” should be added.

    But how about Japan declaring war to dutch; does it bring usa or uk into war?

    Thanks in advance for answering

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    @chaptim I’ll update the notes for the London fallen. Yea seems as if Japan attacks the Dutch it should be game on. I’ll change that too.

    Sorry for screwing up your game. Triplea bots don’t always use the latest. 1.94 is the latest.

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    Welcome back Barnee.

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    @chaptim Updated to version 1.95. Triplea will not notify you of the update, so just uninstall and reinstall. Under Experimental.

    Change Log:
    Clarify USA Declaration of War. Add version notification. Add notification for Italian combat.


    Just remembered something. Hold off for a bit.

    Good to go now.

    Change Log:
    When “Charles de Gaulle Neutrals Modified” is activated, Mongolia will now turn Russian when attacked by Japan.

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    Have been playing the 39 setup for a while now on TripleA but I would love to see the map printed out same size as global 40. Is there a map file out there for oztea´s 39 setup which I can print? Or is it possible to extract the mapfile from TripleA itself?

  • Italy declares war to UK, but Paris does not fall for rounds - is the restriction for Italy able to attack only empty UK territories cancelled at any time?

  • @pacifiersboard Italy is only restricted on who it can attack on the turn it declares war. (and Paris is not already in Axis hands)
    The restriction is only that it can’t attack territories that have units on that first turn.

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