• What is DeGaulle Neutrals setting?
    Does it allow for different neutral rules? So they don’t activate globally if any single one is attacked?

  • I’ve been reading through this and it seems interesting. I’d really like to set it up and see how it plays. however, the rules seemed to have changed since the original post. I was wondering if y’all could give me a list of everything that has changed or simply give a new, more clarified rule set. however, the game seems great and I’m very excited for it.

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    right on I’ll switch the Oil objective back to presence and make it control as well. Yea DeGaulles Neutrals adds more dudes to the Neutral armies and makes it so they fight by themselves. That’s why you need to DOW on the neutrals so you can attack them. The Mongolians are separated in this case.



    Hi welcome to the site. I don’t think the rules have necessarily changed, although I changed the oil Objective. I’m gonna change it back. Seancb changed the setup to fit their group but it should be as oz stated in the 1st post.

    I’ll do another update here in a bit. Yea I think it’s pretty fun. The new NO’s are pretty cool. Italy seems to get a chance to expand, although UK Europe has taken a bit of a beating in my test games so far.

    Russia seems to be holding on better too.

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    when are you uploading the new version to Triple A or can you post the new file here?

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    Uploaded to triplea. 1.84 is under “Experimental” in Map DownLoads. Had a little trouble with it, so you might want to keep an extra eye on the oil objectives to make sure they work correctly. Confidence is high though : )

    The way it is now, is Germany and Italy can both get the Objective with either “Control” or unit “Presence”. So If Italy controls and a German dude is there they each get it. If Italy controls and has a dude there as well as Germany they each get it and vice versa. There’s 3 listings in the objectives tab, “Control”, “Presence” and “Control and Presence”. It was the only way I could get it to work without multi firing

    I didn’t update the version so it won’t tell you a new one is available. I don’t like to do the version updates too frequently. I’d end up spamming them out : )

  • @barnee

    Thanks for your reply. I’m hoping to set it up soon. I’ll give you my feedback!

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    Are AAguns considered land units ? I assume they are, but they way I have it currently, they don’t allow “Chinese Subjugation”. I’m gonna change it so they do count as a land unit for subjugation. Let me know if that’s correct.

    Found another mistake. If USA activates Brazil, the infantry don’t turn into “American_Infantry”, so you’ll need to use edit. I’ll put a fix out in a day or so.

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    @barnee said in Oztea's 1939 Global Setup:

    Also BB’s won’t repair if your capital has been captured. You’ll have to use edit.

    Unless this mod does not follow different rules, this is no error.
    When you have lost your capital, you skip the “Purchase Units and Repair Phase” in Global 1940 OOB.
    So BBs are not supposed to be repaired in that case.

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    Thanks for the clarification

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    Update to1.86
    Fix Brazil Infantry not changing to American correctly. Add option to turn off notifications for “Subjugation” objective. You can start with them on and when they become annoying, save the game and when you restart you can turn them off. Add AAguns able to garrison China. Add option “Escorts and Interceptors A2D2”.

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    I found another mistake. The Persia LL route states "Western Allied control of Persia ". Right now if Russia has control it will get the bonus as well. I’m guessing that’s not what you want @oztea ?

    Made it through rd 10. Looks as if it’s gonna be a Axis victory. Russia’s Factory took a massive beating from the Luftwaffe. They were a little unlucky as Germany only lost 1 Bomber in 4 or 5 raids an maxed out damage every time. They were able to counterattack pretty well and kept Germany from building in the Ukraine. Italy was primarily focused in Africa though.

    Japan flanked around India and hammered into Kazakhstan right after the remains of the Italian North African Army, which was still pretty powerful, took Caucasus.

    I probably split the USA’s power a little too much and shoulda had more subs in Italy once the Regia Marina was sunk. Although I shouldn’t have engaged the British in the Med next to Gibralter as the remnants of the French Fleet were able to finish them off. Probably could of held on to Egypt for 1 or 2 more turns that way.

    Not sure what to do about that BB and the CAs in 109. They went into the Med where I couldn’t hit them. Italy was to weak to stop them and France from an early DOW so I just sent 1 trprt to Tobruk and sent guys to Albania. I did buy a CV for Germany to threaten Sealion, so the Brits and the French moved back out of the Med to help counter and then Italy was able to get some heavy reinforcements to Africa.

    Luftwaffe bombed the hell out of London as well, so UK had to put most their dough into defending England. Brits had to pull out of Egypt rd 3 and didn’t push the Italians out until rd 7.

    I like the way the “Spread of Communism” objective is setup. Nice little shot of dough for Russia and kept Japan away from Mongolia even when they did go in. The “Army Plan” for Japan should be interesting to try sometime too.

    Anyway, getting a little carried away here. I’ve said before I’m not a very good player 🙂 so my observations are probably of limited value. Gonna fire up another one and try some some different stuff.

    Peace Out

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    Update to 1.87

    Add “Vichy Option”. Add “Japan War Scare” objective. Change British player so their turn starts with map centered on the United Kingdom. Made “DeGaulle Neutrals Modified” auto declare war on True Neutrals. Turned off map option “Use Kamikaze Suicide Attacks”.

    Vichy Option
    Adds Vichy rules. They are as follows:
    All Players start at war with the “True Neutrals”. If Germany conquers France on turn 2, it will activate the “Vichy Option”. After their Non Combat Move, each French territory will be rolled for to determine if they become Vichy controlled or not. A roll of 1,2 or 3 and the territory turns Vichy. A 4,5 or 6 and it remains Free French. The only exception is “Southern France” which automatically turns Vichy.

    Southern France will also have 2 Vichy Infantry placed there. All Vichy territories and units are represented by the “Neutral Axis”. They behave the same as Non-Vichy Pro-Axis Neutrals.

    If any Allied units are present in a territory that becomes Vichy, on their turn they have the option to stay and fight or leave, if possible. The only exception are air units, which are destroyed. (Not desirable but it’s how triplea does it).

    At the beginning of France’s 2nd turn, each French Naval Unit will be rolled for to determine if they become Vichy. A roll of 1,2 or 3 and the Unit is immediately ordered to the Vichy Harbor in Sea Zone 93. A 4,5 or 6 and it remains Free French.

    Vichy ordered ships must take the most direct route possible to Sea Zone 93. They may not attack (Player Enforced) but can defend normally. Once a Vichy ordered ship arrives in 93 Sea Zone, it will “turn” Vichy at the end of the turn. Vichy Ships are controlled by the “True Neutrals”. They are at war with all players. They may not move and defend only.

    If a ship hasn’t arrived in 93 Sea Zone by the end of French turn 3, it will not automatically turn “Vichy” if it enters 93 Sea Zone on the following turns. You may either use “Edit” or decide that the Captain has disregarded his orders and has stayed Free French.

    If Southern France is taken over by any Axis player, then all Vichy territories immediately revert to Free French. This includes any Vichy Units that are present.

    Vichy Naval Units are rolled for to determine their fate. On a roll of 1,2,3 or 4, the Fleet is scuttled and removed from play. On a roll of 5 or 6, another roll is taken. On a roll of 1,2 or 3, the Fleet reverts to Free French. On a roll of 4,5, or 6, it turns into the Axis player.

    If Southern France is controlled by an Allied player (excluding Russia) a roll of 1 thru 5 will scuttle the Fleet. A roll of 6 and the Fleet will revert to Free French. Vichy land territories are unaffected.

    If Southern France is taken control of by the Free French, the Fleet and all Vichy territories immediately revert to Free French. If France is liberated, all Vichy territories and units revert to Free French.

    Japan War Scare Optional (for USA)
    3 PUs if Japan attacks French Indo China and is not at war with the United States. Turn on in “Map Options” before game start.

    The Vichy Option is based on Xeno’s “World at War” and how the BM mod addresses it. The French Fleet seems the biggest player in it to me. Italy has a tough go getting to Africa imo. This has the potential to help. It also gives a historical nod to going all “Churchill” and sinking it or turning Axis, only with more success than what really happened. : )

    At any rate, it’s a Vichy option : )

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    Have some unintended behavior going on. Got most of it sorted but it’ll b a bit before I get the last of it, so use edit if you need to and disregard unnecessary prompts.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    Update to 1.88

    1.88 Fix Axis rolling for Southern France more than once. Fix Allies liberation of France not immediately liberating all Vichy Territories and Units. Fix incorrect Vichy Ship prompts and placement.

    I think I’ll add a couple more options in the next update.

    Italy can’t attack USSR until Germany is at war with them and ANZAC can’t attack Japan until UK is at war with them. Also the “Scorched Earth” that crockett was talking about in another thread where minors get destroyed instead of captured.

  • Did I hear the words Free French?

    This is an interesting spinoff, Oz! I had been waiting so long for you to make this setup that I actually made my own. But now we got yours to try, and it even incorporates a semi-independent Holland! Some great stuff here.

    And I love any scenario in which I can fight the despicable Vichy Regime and its Boche oppressors of France.

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    heh heh there he is 🙂

    Hey I got your 39 setup done and your neutrals too. You ever get triplea savvy ?

  • @barnee

    Unfortunately, no. Never got the chance to play it because I’m on Android. That would be a fun way for me to try Oztea’s new rules though.

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    Is Italy allowed to attack Greece without DOW against France and or UK ? My first thought was no, but on reflection idk.

  • 2021 '18 '16

    @barnee Italy should be able to attack Greece due to its proximity to Albania.

  • 2021 '18 '16

    i have a few playtests going right now. will update when done. So far not so bad. i think China should lose 1 of those AA guns.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    yea that’s what i decided as well. So if France or UK want to attack Italy for it Italy should get the bonus dudes. Actually probably only France would attack turn one and they’re toast turn 2 so doesn’t matter then.

    Cool on the playtest. I finally got one going again 🙂

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    Update to 1.89
    Adds Japan being able to declare war on Dutch independent of any other players same as Germany and Italy.

    Some guys were playing today and said they couldn’t DOW on the Dutch with Japan. I didn’t ask the scenario but the only one I could find was if Jpn DOW on USA and UK and ANZAC stay neutral it would happen, which I think might’ve been what was going on.

    Idk if it’s necessary, bwth, it’s house rules. The more options the better 🙂

    They also said an option of Germany not being allowed to attack UK without killing Poland first would be cool. So I’ll probably do that next. It’ll be a “map option”.

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    Update to 1.90

    Fixed Russian Lend Lease Objective sz103 to correct sz3 in objectives tab. It worked right just worded wrong.

    I think the earlier dow on dutch was a misunderstanding. I changed it so it says “Declare War on the British and ANZAC and Dutch” so should be clearer. I left the separate dow on dutch for Japan as well.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    Update to 1.91

    Fix Italy automatically declaring war on Dutch if they declare war on UK or France. They must declare war on the Dutch separately.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    I wonder if Italy DOW on UK if that should be auto at war with France too ? But if UK DOW on Italy then they would still be neutral with France. That’s the way I’m leaning because right now Italy can rd2 DOW on UK and then ignore French units. Trans Jordan attack had the Syria infantry and French ships didn’t kill their med objective is what happened in latest test.

    This can be easily player enforced by Italy just declaring on France too but think maybe it should be hardwired ? Idk I usually go with max flexibility but it just doesn’t seem right attack UK and French units are present that they wouldn’t do anything.

    I think I’ll change it unless others think differently

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