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    Maybe give US 5 bucks if Japan attacks FIC ? When Japan and US are at war it goes away. Might have to fudge the number but it has a precedent with Germany getting dough when not at war with ussr. Even though it’s an unfriendly instead of friendly thing 🙂

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    we made some edits to the setup after playtesting. i’ve attached the file here

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    Right on. I’m seeing W Germany with an additional 3 inf for a total of 4 and SZ 112 with a CA and 3 Subs as opposed to a DD and 2 Subs. Is that correct ? I’ll make a map option for these if so.

    I also found some setup mistakes I made:
    Anhwe should have 4 inf total. Currently only have 1.
    UK and Kenya are each missing an artillery.
    France major needs to turn into a minor.
    Bessarabia should have no inf

    I’ll fix these and do an update with your edits as an option. How is it playing out for you ?

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    @barnee only just noticed this thread. Well done guys. Hope it works out.

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    @Wittmann heh heh

    Hi Wtitmann 🙂

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    I don’t habe the time these days. Otherwise, I would have trial played it with a friend.
    I do believe in keeping America wealthy, however , and would rather not see Egypt fall too easily.

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    Your Gang should give it a go 🙂

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    @Wittmann said in Oztea's 1939 Global Setup:

    I don’t habe the time these days. Otherwise, I would have trial played it with a friend.
    I do believe in keeping America wealthy, however , and would rather not see Egypt fall too easily.

    heh heh it’s a fun game 🙂

  • 2021 '18 '16

    definitely need to reduce the fighter count for UK i think, in our last game they simply flew all of their fighters to france and demolished the german assualt (twice!!). reduction of initial french troops as well. We can keep the major factory but i think they should end up with about 10 inf and with reduction in UK fighters you should be able to conquer Paris right on time.

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    Right on. When you get comfortable with your adjustments, I’ll add them as an option. Gonna go ahead and push my setup mistakes for now.

    How is Egypt playing out ? Especially early ?

  • Hmmmm, I didn’t know people were struggling to take France as Germany. The depleted infantry in West germany is so they don’t take paris on turn 1. I assumed that if the UK fighters were sent to Paris that Germany could threaten an easy Sea Lion, or bomb the crap out of London.

    Many are saying that there is a glitch in the Belgium situation, and are looking for solutions, including one that represents the bypassing of the Maginot line.
    I have yet to think something up.

  • 2021 '18 '16

    the Belgium thing has been fun. So far its screwing up the Allies by not allowing Anzac and USA to utilize the islands. Japan makes up the income by pounding China even harder.
    This is fun so far.

    The France thing even tho you “could” Sea Lion your not able to because you dont have enuf navy to get it done. In essence we removed a lot of the fighter power from UK. Also reduced intial strength of France but left a major factory. Basically they have time raise up 5 inf divisions and 1 arty division. Waiting on another play test but so far we’re getting some balance. We are debating whether to reduce the damage on the Japanese naval base to zero but leave the factory nerfed.

    Here is the latest file1939oztea.tsvg

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    Updated to 1.5

    Has the setup corrections and also added “Charles de Gaulle Neutrals” slightly modified as a map option.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18


    yea i’m not seeing how France survives RD2. This is max French Defense, bought a tank an 4 inf, sent all Brit planes every unit that could reach. My G1 might be a little different. Maybe too weak against USSR ? I don’t think so though. Haven’t played but a half a dozen openers so I may be missing something.

    Screenshot from 2019-11-14 00-04-10.png

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    @barnee Calcs were a little off, forgot can only build 3, here we are after cycling through the game:

    Screenshot from 2019-11-14 00-35-30.png

    Wow ! What a Bloodbath !

    oz 39 test seancb.tsvg

  • 2021 '18 '16

    here is latest test using new setup.
    Interesting developments. I am Axis. Ignored Belgium and have not agitated the Pacific. I wanted to smash the Chinese as they had built a large force in Yunan and i had the firepower to knock them out. Got very lucky as far as casualties. It is UK turn and i believe they will now want to stem the tide in Burma.

    Germany got counter attacked in W Ukraine and USSR got very lucky rolls. I will likely have to pull back and wait for reinforcements but the plan is to continue to attack along the Archangel- Belarus-Bryansk line.

    We found a few bugs.
    Somehow the Mediterranean Power objective is linked to Italy only holding the territories. I think the coding needs to be reverted back to any Axis power. We simply edited the income.

    Burma likely needs to start under UK India control. I am exploiting this and we both agreed its probably cheeze that could be fixed.

    The Russian navy in SZ100 is unneccessary. The battleship in 115 should probably be reduced to a cruiser because Italy had to use all their airpower to hit it to open for Germany.

    So far not too bad other than a few bugs.
    Also Game notes need to reflect when USA can enter the war. It’s not clearly stated and my opponent and had to kind of back calculate to figure it out. Might help with planning of USA.

    France was difficult on G2 but if you take everything you got and plan it right you can get it.

    I did however get very good dice so sustained minimal losses.

    We would maybe like to see the Vichy rule in effect on the turn France does go down. This would give Italy a bit more of a chance because now i’m in certain danger with all that UK navy. Would eliminate the ability of UK to land fighters.


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    @seancb right on. Yea I originally had Med Power Center set up as Axis control but the way he has it worded says Italian. Never got a clarification on it so switched it. Anyway, I agree, and switched it back. Probably what he meant but 🙂

    Also, the Oil objective just requires unit “presence” and not control. I went ahead and left it as is (presence) but wondering if this was meant to be Player controlled ? Right now Germany and Italy can both get 2 bucks if they have a dude present. My guess is maybe unit presence for the Germans in Egypt for 2 bucks and then Player control to get the others. @oztea would you clarify those NO"s ?

    At any rate, updated to 1.6. Clarified USA entry into War in Notes. Didn’t do anything to Burma or the russkie BB. Can change it if Oz agrees but that’s a pretty easy edit anyway.

    There is a vichy proposal Oz made on the first page here that is a pretty easy edit as well. @seancb were you thinking of BM’s vichy rule ? I was thinking about adding it as an option. It’ll take a little longer to do though as it’s got a fair amount going on. I don’t see any conflict with the '39 start for it but will see.

    Rock On

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    Updated to 1.71

    Japan’s “Subjugation of China” objective wasn’t working correctly. What happens is you will receive the bonus unless All of the Chinese TTys you hold don’t have land units. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy fix. I added a notification at the end of Japan’s turn so you’ll know to edit the income to it’s correct level if you have an empty TTy.

    Also changed the oil objective for Germany and Italy to control and left German unit in Egypt to presence.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    Updated to 1.81

    Restored Germany’s ability to declare war on the Dutch and True Neutrals. Screwed it up when I added De Gaulles Neutrals. : )

    Edit to 1.82
    Cleaned up the DOW popups. DeGaulle Neutrals will no longer show up unless you have that option on.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    Yea, I can see how Burma being Chinese is problematic. Just transport the army there, fly in the air force and India pretty much toast. Thinking just stick the Ftr in Szechwan and swap out the inf for a Brit. I imagine he did that for history but idk. His setups usually reflect that pretty well.

    Anyway, half through rd 2 and haven’t found anymore issues yet. We’ll see how it goes.

    Appears I was a mite hasty in my judgement. India hasn’t fallen yet. I guess the issue is that you can whack China’s Burma Road objective pretty easily.

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    I could be mistaken but doing the starting IPC math shouldn’t Burma have always been part of UK Pacific? Maybe Oz meant to have Chinese units there but that violates UK-Pac’s neutrality. As you said could just move the fighter and trade the infantry or also keep it Chinese and move it.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    Yes that must be it. I interpreted it incorrectly. Just need to change ownership and the Chinese units are just an exception to the neutrality rule ? Maybe it’s because it’s the Tigers ? At any rate that would make sense.

    yea don’t know what I was thinking as China can move into Burma in the 40 oob game. So yea everything is the same as oob the ftr and dude just start there. Thanks General : )

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    Update to 1.83
    Ok fixed that stupid mistake lol. Burma works correctly.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18

    I know oz has it at two turns before a regular G40 start but I’m gonna make a map option for one turn. The two test games I’ve managed to get to rd5, I’ve just ignored USA until they self activate.

    oob 40 starts with the attack on France and it gets hit the 2nd rd here so it seems worth a try. The new objectives have been a lot of fun and as usual oz has a cool setup.

    Just to clarify. Not saying it’s bad the way it is, just think it’d be a cool option to speed game play 🙂

  • I was intending that both Italy and Germany could get the 2 IPC oil bonus for presence/control or vice versa (if Germany has control, Italy needs presence, if Italy has control then Germany only needs presence.) So I guess land unit presence for both makes sense, but that means you can’t leave them unoccupied, which isn’t what I want.

    Intention is if either has control, they get it and don’t need a unit. If the other has a unit while the other has control, then they get it too.

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