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    lol well the poll was back in 2006, and doesn’t include anything released afterwards, so of course Revised wins.

    IMO Revised was a big improvement over its predecessor.  Revised was definitely my favorite until aa50 came along–I came later to aa50 then others on the forum because I was still having fun with Revised.

    However, once I got into aa50 i lost interest in Revised.

    At present I prefer Global.  I’m a history buff so the historically authentic part of Global appeals to me.  The alpha3 revisions are a big help, but the real draw is the map design and the game mechanics innovations.

    In my opinion the game mechanics progression from Revised to aa50 to Global represent an improvement that should be positive for the franchise.  An updated poll would probably reflect that.

  • Axis & Allies Variants
    i don’t like this game.
    wast my time and this forum also

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    It would be interesting to have an updated poll available.  I only play spring 42 now but can’t vote for it with this one.  Now, lets see who should do up a new poll.  I nominate……somebody besides myself!

  • Yes, Global (Pacific/Europe) 1940 rock, someone should get another poll rolling.

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    These days it’s either A&A50 or (if we can’t get six players) Spring 1942. Before that it was a steady diet of classic for 15 years. I’m amazed how long it took us to switch.


  • I found two other gamers to play Classic with as that is what one of them owns. I bought A&A Pacific back in 2007 and will now be able to play that with them and one of my buds has A&A Europe 1940 on order. I also have an unauthorized variant that my gaming group wants to play, it is called “Axis and Allies Expansion, Middle East Combat.”

  • I will also be buying A&A Pacific 1940 Second Edition in the next couple of months. My buds A&A Europe Second Edition arrived and is set for battle. I really like the visual effect of the map board.

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    I would, but I am in England.
    Thank you anyway.

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