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    Lets see what you got that has any germans.

  • @Imperious:

    Lets see what you got that has any germans.

    This one you might remember from Saving Private Ryan

    This one aint German, but its still pretty damn awesome.

    I have more with Germans, but they are scattered everywhere on my harddrive.  Ill post them when I find them though.

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    Ok thanks…

    i want something with germans marching under the French “arch of triumph” in Paris.
    That would be awesome!

  • @Imperious:

    Ok thanks…

    i want something with germans marching under the French “arch of triumph” in Paris.
    That would be awesome!

    Ill actually have to make that one.  My friend has “The Century of Warfare” on dvd, so im sure theres a clip of that in there.  Do you want me to loop it so it seems like an endless line of Germans marching under it?  Itll look pretty cool.  😛

  • Back on topic here folks…

  • lol are you directing conversation away from french bashing?

    outrageous 😛

  • Coming back into the game recently after a long hiatus…

    Grew up with Classic and still enjoy it (my brothers and I play an online, PBEmail version) but want to see what the Revised board, and “new” destroyer/artillery units, can do.

    Obtained a few miniatures also,but not really impressed.

  • I usually play all A&A’s, but recently I have been playtesting my own variants.

    I have created one that I feel is very good, the board is a simple marker drawing.

    Does anyone have any good ideas for turning is into real board like that of A&A quality.

  • Whoever created this thread needs to add the Battle of the Bulge option…

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I just added the Battle of the Bulge option and you can go back and change your vote if you want.

  • All hail the Site Owner!


  • I don’t think the miniatures will last very long. I can’t find them in any store in my area. I talked to one store owner who had them and he said they were not selling at all so he got rid of them.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Nope, try again.  😄

    Miniatures is actually doing quite well. It’s not a huge money maker like Dreamblade or Star Wars minis but it can hold its own and new people are being introduced every day. The community on the AH site is quite active. But we have less “noise” in our Miniatures forums. You can actually find all of Der Leiter’s posts here.

    I’m sorry that the store in your area wasn’t able to sell it but it has had a minor success in other areas.

  • A small but loyal following… like most of the Axis and Allies products 🙂

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    My local shop couldn’t keep the first three sets of minis in stock. So he ups the order of D-day and they are still on the shelf. But that is just here. I’ve found that minis is simultaneously too big and too small at the same time. On the other hand I am very happy with Battle of the Bulge. So far I’m finding it is a nice spot between D-Day and Revised. I hope they make a few more games with the combat system and the supply rules.

  • Don;t Worry… I would imagine that one of these days Revised Revised will be out, and it will have logistics and supply aspects, hard fortifications, more realistic movement over terrain, more units (mechanized infantry, more specialized AF, etc.) and it will play havoc with us “old school” gamers.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    I don’t think the game can get too much more detailed. We are finding that BOTB comes in under 4 hours. If you had to deal with supplies over very large theatres as well as reinofrcements, combats and just moving pieces around I don’t think you could get a game in in a whole weekend.

    Although today’s BOTB game is the first one to go past turn 5 it came in under 4 hours. Had I not had perfect dice on one roll near the end coupled with a big donut for the Allied air force I would not have won.

  • DJensen-
    I live in the tristate area and if I am having a hard time getting the miniatures, I have to think the rest of the country is as well. You can go on ebay and get them, and on there they are selling at a fraction of the orginal price. The conclusion is that this game has no shelf appeal and a very small market. There are already players that are putting their units up for sale. (I believe Agentorange is one of them). Unfortunately the game itself is a bit clumsy (although I like the units), the flow of the game just doesn’t seem right. However I have only played a few games (after a rather large investment) so I will wait until I pass final judgement. That being said I am not optimistic.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    We shall see. I’m just excited about the Naval Miniatures game coming out. Upon the first reading of the Quick Start Rules, it looks like they fixed some of the issues with the land based game. And the “miniatures” look like they are going to be large and very detailed.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I’ve updated the poll with the missing games. Remember, you can change your votes at anytime. I’m about to change mine.

  • From Revised and Pacific only, I changed my vote to Revised, Pacific, Europe, BoB and Guadalcanal.

  • I love Axis and Allies minatures. As much as I love playing “Axis & Allies” (I’m not sure if it’s revised or 2nd; my friend brings it over and I own “Eupope”) I’m in love with playing the miniature game right now. I love how tactical it gets in close proximity. I love the miniatures and the tanks. I’m disappointed with the planes and their rules (especially the JU-87 Suka) which is ridiculous considering it was Germanys most effective infantry support plane.

    I love being able to pick out my own army and have the choice from the very beginning of how to approach the field from a strategic standpoint. There are a few rules between the Old rules and the new advanced rules we chose to not to play with becuase they take up time & aren’t incredibly realistic. The miniature are exciting to get, incredibly good looking and fun to have just as a collection.

    I will say that I love “Axis & Allies” (the whole world board) because of how realistic every decision you make plays out in the game. For instance, I’ve never seen Germany win but this last game was the first I’ve played in 3 years. I’ve been studying the Luftwaffe avidly for 2 years so I made key decisions in the beginning of the game that Walter Weaver would have made, had he not died in a plane crash during the Reichs rise to power. I initiated a long range bomber plan and addressed the Russian front immediately while building a defensive western front.

    Japan while doing incredible damage, was taken by the US. By this time my strategy had paid off and my resources as Germany were vast (highest IPC’s per turn by FAR) After the successful invasion of England and the decimation of Americas atlantic naval fleet, my opponent surrendered because the successful invasion of the US was just writing on the wall.

    The game is brilliant. I was able to take key mistakes the Reich had made, specifically concerning the Luftwaffe and fighting a 2 front war, and make alternate decisions that allowed Germany to win.

  • I own the Pacific, Europe, D-Day, AA50, AA Classic, and will be purchasing the new AAR.
    We tend to play AA50 the most right now as it has more to offer and is still new to us.
    I did not see AA50 on there as a choice to vote on. That one appears to be missing.

  • it is an old poll started in 2008…before AA50

  • @jeffdestroyer:

    it is an old poll started in 2008…before AA50

    Of course! I should have spotted that, thank you JD

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