• Was wondering if anyone already has a conversion for 6 sided dice to play this game with? Reason: artistic ww2 custom dice….and personally don’t care for D12 systems.

    essentially I see this going towards just using G40 with some tweaks. Militia is an easy one; just 1 attack (if it can attack) and 1 defense. Cavalry for its price point probably a 1/1, move 2 unit mostly used to attack partisans. Light tank could be the traditional 3/2 for 5 IPC. For airborne, as they seem useless in the game, could be to throw in the AA DDay rule where they have first strike at least for round 1. Advanced mechanized infantry maybe become a 2/2 unit from a 1/2.

    Artillery pairing becomes difficult. I like the idea that all infantry including mech could pair with artillery but from my understanding mot infantry and mech are excluded from this game to pair. Vet infantry also pose an issue. If they were a 2/2 unit would artillery bump them to a 3 like in AA Pacific with the marine infantry or would they be caped off at a 2?

    Starts to get tricky with terrain too. Taking from Struggle for Europe and Asia for inspiration there could be a basic rule that difficult terrain (rivers and mountains) negates artillery pairing and armor class units fight at a -1 but can’t go below an attack value of 1.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

  • A game like Global War with all its units are impossible to play using a D6 system.

    As you say you “personally don’t care for D12 systems” I suggest you stick to A&A.

  • Yea your right after some thought it really does not convert. I’ve been looking into places to have custom D12 made. Does anyone know if there’s a company that makes WW2 inspired D12 dice? So far I’ve found Chessex that can do custom dice and maybe the Q-workshop which already has WW2 D6. I’ll post price point estimates if anyone’s interested once I hear back from them.

  • Well the Q-workshop is out. Their price point is a minimum run of 50, all the same, for 4.80 dollars per dice. Not bad though if someone wanted to have dice to sell. Chessex can do small runs of 10-12 for a dollar per side. Waiting to find out if each dice in the run can be different.

  • Chessex is a half go. For anyone interested the company can do a small run of 10 for 120 dollars. Unfortunately they must all be the same but as an example a customer could do something like a target symbol for the 1 (similar to HBG’s Amerika), a tiger tank for the the 12, and choose German stylized numbers for the rest. The plus side is that the company has speckled 12 sided dice that I feel match the ww2 theme very well.

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    Be cautious about multi coloured dice. I have a bunch that are hard to read. Ensure that there is a strong contrast between the printed numbers or pips and the dice colouring. Or should you wish colour the pips in like some people have done to create home made hit dice.
    Translucent dice with light print can be hard to read but the swirled multi coloured dice are sometimes even harder to read, unless the print has enough contrast.

    Having used GHG D12 dice as seen in his videos they are easy to read and varried enough to call a colour as a type of unit (hit dice). My dice have at most 2 the same and all varieties of colouring. I prefer the look of translucent dice but they are difficult to read at times. If I continue with them I will need to use a paint or marker to enhance visibility of pips.

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    A little late to the game here. But I have to agree that it’s impossible to play this game with a D6 system. Just way too many units/abilities for it to be done.

    Is it the D12 particularly that you don’t like? Or just anything that isn’t D6? You could MAYBE have a D8 system, but even that I think is too hard.

  • Thanks rank carcass for the advice. I’m hoping the chessex speckled ones I ordered won’t be too bad but there does seem to be a pretty good contrast such as red dice with yellow numbering.

    Chris Henry: it was mostly due to already having a bunch ww2 themed D6 and the players I’m dragging into this game for the first time find it really daunting. Should be fine though and I’m sure after a couple of rounds the game comes naturally. It’ll actually be the first time as a play-through for me as well.

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    D12 seems a bit daunting. But with the battle boards and the extra units its fairly easy to pick up.

    When we started we modified the game to play with global40 rules if something was too complex for the group and switched to the full rules in stages.
    Helped some people to transition from axis and allies better. Talk to the group first though.

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