Sept 29th in whitestone NY.Global 40 1 day tournament and open play

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          Anyone interested can reply here or message me. We are having a 1 day Global 40 tournament by teams. The plan is for a team anywhere from 2 to 5 guys plays 2 games simultaneously and at the end we count total points scored. There is a set bid of 33 for allies. It is based on scoring points not victory on one side. However you do get extra points if you win on a side. We also have open gaming usually the Anniversary or Revised second edition. This is for fun. I seem to have lost some contact numbers so if previous players read this please reply.
        So far we have about 14 to 15 people coming as we had 4 recent cancels. So we have space as not all do the tournament.
              We play at a Church in Whitestone Queens, NY. Doors open about 940, we hope to start play before 1030am and play until we finish. We are planning to keep the global games moving and play 9 rounds by 7pm or so. We order lunch in. We serve soda, snacks and ask for 10 dollars for the church. We have a guy who sells games

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