• I’m sure this question has been answered somewhere on the forum, but I haven’t come across the answer just yet, so I’m sorry if it’s already out there.

    If a person was going to buy one version of Global War, would you recommend 1936, or 1939?

  • There is only one version - “HBG’s global War 1936-1945, 2nd edition”

    With that, you can play the 1939 setup (which is great and what my group plays exclusively)

  • For me and probably 95% of Global War fans it would be GW 1936.

    Here are a few reasons:

    • 1939 supports only the 1939 scenario. GW 1936 supports two scenarios. 1936 and 1939.

    • HBG is still selling 1939 but I know they are not updating it. It feels (to me) incomplete. GW 1936 is constantly getting rule updates, new expansions, map changes etc.

    • GW 1936 map is just beautiful

    • GW 1936 feels unique and the gaming experience feels the closest to the real war than any other WW 2 board game out there

    • GW 1936 in the future will be part of a GIANT game that spans from the 19th century to the late 20th century including WW 1, Cold war etc.

  • You want the 1936 map! It has the terrain printed on it, and as I understand it, you can use it for a 1939 set up. Really the maps have slight differences. I think the Global War is moving in the direction of the 1936 map. I am trying to justify buying it now. Real question is 36" x 72" (3 ft by 6 ft) or 48" X 72" (4 ft by 8 ft) 1936 map!!! From what I gather if you have the room and are using 3D sculpts for bases, you may want the larger map.  :roll:

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