Japan tank Blitz no more

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    Im done with every game having Japan build tanks and run towards Moscow or through China when it didnt happen in real war. Maybe this could work in your game. So I figured I get more thoughts by posting a new topic on it instead of doing it in my Global 40 2nd Edition thread. I will make a list of what im going to test.
    Japan Cannot attack Russia ever in game. Treaty
    Move the Russian Far East money to 5 Different Russian territories around Moscow.
    Now the ground troops from these territories move back to the Eastern front like they did in the war.
    Nov. +1  
    E Ukraine +1
    Leningrad +1
    Archangel +1
    Uzbek +1
    Ea territory represents builds, lend lease and oil.
    Japan cannot go any deeper into China than 2 territories from coast except for the Burma road. They can go into Yunnan and Szechwan.
    Make all China territories worth 2 instead of 1 value.
    This will make up the money that Japan will lose in Russia and deeper into China.
    Granted they will get 10 icp first turn but they should because they were into China at start of war and they wanted the land and minerals but never got any further.
    Will add 1 or 2 inf in ea China territories worth money on setup. Keep the rest of territories the same on setup. There will be 2 Flying tiger planes in Szechwan.
    I just have to figure out a China build to keep pressure on Japan.

    Now the Dutch Islands are already increased in game. So this will force Japan to go to islands and also now I have the 3 island groups in game for the 5 icp bonus NO.

    But also if You make the China territories worth 1 this would make Japan have to go to islands sooner which they did 3 days right after Pearl attack. Plus now make them even go a bit further out to get the island NOs.

    Make Japan use more art in game with mechs. If I need to Ill raise cost of mechs to 5.

    As far as Japan tanks, I will need to raise cost and reduce there A and D values.

    After reading some history Japan only built or got 4500 tanks in war. Mostly L. Tanks into China and some meduim tanks into Manilla and Burma, FIC if they could move. Not worried there. Have Monsoon weather on several turns where no movement for motorized units. Just inf and Art can move due to bikes, horses and humans.

    So I will put in a L. and M tank for Japan.

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    To prevent IJA Tank and (Tank+MI) from blitzing seems enough to delay a lot from JTDTM.

    IDK if anything else is required.

    Building minor IC for Japan can be seen as an industrialization of chinese coastal Cities. To explain MI built.

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    I may just go with a
    Japan Tank
    The goal is to make it more historical.  Japan did not have a lot of tanks. I cant see why it wont work going with the all the changes and making the japan tank weaker. More play testing on the side.

    Ya Baron Ill look at the Japan tank and mech can only M1.

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    With the 3 Island Group NOs in game now, and not restricting tank buys at factories we will go with this for Japan tanks only.
    If Japan needs to buy more ships to take or prevent allies from getting the Island NOs cant take away to much money from Japan on main land.
    Japan Mechs now
    A2 +1 Art


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    It was mentioned somewhere, probably multiple places, about having the non coastal Chinese TTs give -1 Movement to all non air M2 units. Seemed like a good idea. I called it “Primitive Terrain” and have found it to work well. Also gave China a AAgun in Szechwan ( oztea’s idea in 41 mod ) and another Flying Tiger in the Philippines.

    Also made the majority of Soviet Asia primitive as well.

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