• What is the minimum number of turns Germany can win in?

    Is 3 possible (assuming you’re not playing a child and also assuming rational dice)?

  • Winning in three turns is entirely possible. If one is lucky in the fight against the USSR (what makes a die ‘rational?’) you could take Moscow in three turns, but it has always seemed to me that Britain is the easier target.

  • you can win in 3, SEALION. to pull it off just do some action(to hide your true plan) with USSR and UK. save your money and then pow! 😉

  • I just won in two with Sealion. Technically, I’d have to hold it till my third turn–but they gave up.

  • @vikinghofferdorfer:

    I just won in two with Sealion. Technically, I’d have to hold it till my third turn–but they gave up.

    If you want this game to still be fun, don’t read this because this strategy is so good it breaks the game:

    All the German player has to do is save their money innitially and then plunker down a massive amount of transports to take England. When Germany brings up their Italian to fleet to help then it’s game over by turn 2 or 2 (or 4 with sloppy playing). Even if England is expecting this and just cranks out men, and even if Russia helps them out as much as possible, it still over by turn 4. If England and Russia do not prepare it’s instant death by turn 3 (or sooner with good dice). Even if England somehow hangs on, it just gets worse and worse for her with so many transports possible and so much German artilliary and men already available and close. I’m gonna go purchase Pacifics, this game needs a rules tune-up.

    This is the official end

  • i disagree viking because your strategy suggests that it doesnt matter  whether england knows sealion is coming or not, it will work no matter what. This is just flat out wrong. if its clear what germany is doing, Russia goes on the offensive and sends planes to England, america sends fighters and troops to england and england just pumps infantry. Germany even if you save your money for two turns and you get 80 bucks that may be 10 transports, but they have no cover of anykind, bombers or even fighters could attack them. And lets say they arent attacked they have the capability of carrying 20 guys or 10 guys and 10 tanks, britain could have pumped out 24 infantry by then plus what they start out with. Plus russian planes and american troops and planes, and even with germany’s air force aiding it would take incredibly bad rolls for Britain to lose this battle

  • You also have to keep in mind if the German wolf pack is still at  5 or 6 sub strenghth around rounds 2 and 3, the Brits are only bringing in money at the mid to low teens, only enough for 4 to 5 infs per round. When I play sealion works above average around 60% of the time.  If my subs roll above average in round 1, the Kriegsmarine is saddling up for a ride to Buckingham palace!

  • probably if you are asking the question about winning in 3 turns you should have already been looking for the rules tune-up…

    sealion can work, sure, but barbarossa is a guarantee without rule-changes, and that I can guarantee on turn 1.
    {edit}  no longer a guarantee, Rumanian Wedge counters Barbarossa Tank Push.

  • someone posted a game where they pulled of a turn 1 sealion and won the game in 1 round

  • bbrett3, here’s a link to that game topic.


    The topic name is:      Germany: Invade and capture Britain on turn 1.

  • Did he say "Italian " fleet?

    In AA Europe?

  • It’s the fleet that starts off Italy that is being referred to. It represents the historical Italian Fleet that was there.

    The German units in AAE represent the collective Axis forces in Europe beyond merely the German ones.

  • Got it.

  • I’m also inclined to dissagree with viking because for 1 what do you think Russia is doing while all this is going on?  If you are going all out on UK Russia will be able to start putting major pressure on you.  Also America can start getting into the game too.  I think this plan is plausable if you do it right but personally I think it wouldn’t work too well.  Just my 2 cents worth! 😄

  • it’s all in the dice…

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