Transports Bridging After Attack in Hostile Sea Zone

  • So I ran into a strange scenario and we can see arguments from the rules to go either way on this.  UK has a battleship in sea zone 14, and the Italian Navy is in sea zone 15 and about to attack it.

    Italy also has two transports in sea zone 15 and the question is if the transports join the attack in 14 can they declare an amphibious assault and pick up units from Italy and bridge them to an attack on Libya for an amphibious assault assuming the UK fleet is destroyed by the Italian Navy that is simultaneously attacking?

    The rules say you can’t load troops from hostile sea zones, but its kind a question of the order in which things are supposed to happen….  Cant find any other posts on this and its the first time its come up for us.

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    Welcome to the forum, Nate 13.

    Amphibious assault movement occurs during the Combat Move phase. So you must bring transports already loaded to SZ 14.

    When the sea battle occurs, Combat Move phase is already over. There is no way to add another Combat Move then.

    Bridging from Italy during Combat Move phase would have been allowed, if SZ 14 had been friendly, then.

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