Comrades, do you invade Finland/Norway?

  • Its been ages since I’ve played as Russia and my in person opponents never do it (unless Germany does Sea Lion), but I was wondering if its a common part of your plans when playing as Russia.

    Glancing at the board, it seems that IF Germany doesn’t have the transport(s) to take it back immediately and has to buy some or use part of its Eastern Front stack, that its a smart move for Russia.

    With air support, Russia needs about 7inf, 2 art, and 1 tank to wipe out Germany’s 7 inf.  IF Russia can hold each territory (Karaelia, Finland, Norway) for at least two turns, Russia earns at least 24 ipcs while losing 35 ipcs worth if troops and  Germany loses at least 22 ipcs and loses at least 21 ipcs worth of troops so about a +32 ipc swing if Russia can do it just for 2 turns each space.

    Which means Russia can almost replace 100% of its troops with the money it earns while Germany loses out a decent amount and without German transports it seems almost likely they’ll get a little more and hopefully slow down the German advance.

    Am I missing something?  Is this common in your games?

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    I’ve tried it but look at the timeline:

    USSR2: put a bunch of troops in Vyborg shielded by the Cruiser in SZ114. You need quite a lot to prevent an air supported attack
    G3 DOW: Germany moves inf back to Norway.
    USSR3: Take Finland +5IPCs
    G4: Somehow Germany doesn’t hit force on Finland but takes Novgorod
    USSR4: Take Norway +11IPCs
    G5: Take Karelia (Assuming they are somehow prevented from taking Finland this turn. Perhaps some strategic bombing of Moscow.
    USSR5: +11IPCs
    G6: Take Moscow and perhaps Finland.

    You’ve gotten to place 16IPCs worth of extra troops before Moscow is taken down. But have you? In the early rounds of the war, you normally have more than 30IPC to spend so you are already placing 10inf in Moscow if you want. You’re looking at placing troops in Stalingrad. USSR4 you can place 3mechs in Stalingrad and reach Moscow in time. Actually really only 1.25 extra mechs. That’s it. Only other benefit is being able to repair extra strategic bombing damage USSR5 and/or upgrade unit types.

    So the question becomes how are you going to get enough reinforcements to Moscow in time?

  • Excellent point, Simon. Which is why I needed the outside perspective.  I’m so used to Germany waiting and linking up with those troops in Finland…so in my usual games Russia gets 2 extra tanks or an extra fighter every round by doing this…

  • Norway and Finland are better off in USSR hands than US because USSR will get extra money for spreading Communism in those territories however when I play as USSR, it just depends on what Germany does, if it has it transport or if it builds more, then trying to attack those territories seems moot.

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    This is easy. If no sea lion: soviet should never ever ever never ever ever attack Finland or Norway in  the early rounds. Early rounds means 6. Again, never ever ever do this. If you still do, Moscow is toast against any competent player.  Don’t do it. Finito finished.

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    Yeah never do it unless Germany gives it away for free. Moving a large stack towards Finland means an easy walk to Moscow.

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    Sometimes when germany stacks up next to karelia and i have dudes there… the 8 dudes with 3 air dont get hit back… and russia gets it. 😄

  • Just realized one of my mistakes… Germany’s NO doesn’t require Finland, meaning only taking Norway will cost them that extra 5 ipcs.

    Harumph.  So I’m guessing unless Germany doesn’t have a transport at all, this is not worth doing.

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    I wonder if it is worth taking Norway as USA early on, with USSR assistance in taking Finland. A few things remain unclear:

    • Does this make USA ineffective against Japan
    • Should USA follow up with a Normandy landing? Or something else?

    A few things seem to work though. You can hold Moscow G6, doubtless in part because air can reach Moscow via Finland. Also killing the Scandinavian troops reduces the assault. If Germany kills the USN with the Luftwaffe, it loses too many planes to support the Moscow assault. If it doesn’t kill the USN, it needs to defend Leningrad against an amphibious assault which ties up a bunch of troops.

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