Recommended number of planes sent to help Russia

  • What is the recommended number of planes USA and UK should send to Russia to put a hault to Germany’s most obvious target?

    How many is too many? How few is too few?

    It seems that Russia could use Bombers much more effectively than Fighters. Fighters are best used to defend front lines (which Russia is constantly loosing) while bombers are best used to attack with (and can be safely kept in the rear). Do you use a different strategy?

    In the beginning of the game, should USA and UK focus more on reinforcing Russia more-so than clearing the seas?

  • It depends on the outcome of the firswt battle. As a German player, I try to capture Vborg and Leningrad in the first turn to take away lending area for fighters from England. Fighters are better to give to the Russians since they are cheaper, and they help defend agaisnt industrial bombing. If I play as an ally, I send all the initial fighter force to Russia, both British and American. I don’t donate the bombers, as they can help in Operation Torch, and industrial bombing.

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