Anyone run into game stores that open and re-glue boxes?

  • I recently bought my first starter set from a game store near me, and I noticed when I opened it that the top appeared to have been re-glued (the glue was weak, and once opened I could see that the glue was in large swirls like it had been squeezed from a tube, not like the typical machine gluing you see in packaging)…  Nothing was missing from my set, and it did include my one guaranteed rare (got a KV-1), but then I imagine it would be hard to steal a mini from a package since the cards are all in one sealed bag together…  Is it a common practice for game stores to open boxes to check for extremely rare pieces and then re-glue them shut if they don’t find something they could potentially sell for more?  If so, how can I go about finding an honest dealer?  Am I relegated to buying direct from Avalon Hill if I want to have my fair chance of finding very rare minis?

  • Every set I’ve bought, from both game stores I frequent, had the exact type of glue you’e talking about. From what I gather from your description, you have the same factory sealed boxes I have paid for. Unless every store is opening and resealing boxes, but if that were the case I doubt I’d have scored the King Tiger: it’d have been in the display cases.



  • Thanks, that makes me feel better about my purchase  :-D

  • I think either the glue was weaker on the series 1 boosters, or perhaps the glue tends to dry out in the gamestore- the first few Series Ones I bought SEEM to have been opened then resealed, bu as I got a Tiger 1 and a Churchhill Croc, I’ll assume “weak glue” is a common feature  :-P

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    Yeah, all of my glue was like that too. I had a factory sealed case of boosters too.

  • the glue that was used in the contested skies boosters is really strong i really had a hard time opening the boosters tht i’ve bought i’ve almost torned the whole box just opening it… : :roll:

  • LOL, I guess Wizards got a bunch of complaints about the old glue and were like, “OH YEA! You wanna see some nasty glue!?! I’ll GIVE you some NASTY GLUE!! Little punks tellin’ us our glue isn’t strong enough! HAH! We’ll show them strong! Mikey, break out the cement!”



  • All the boxes from booster1 were like this.  Really easy to open and reglue.  Thats why the changed it int booster2.

    As long as you cards are still sealed in the platic bag you are OK.  But it was really easy for “bad” people to open a box to see what was inside. If they didn’t like… just heat the glue a litte and reclose the box

    I guess wizards took the decision purely on low cost… cheap bastards !!

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