Any good leads on a custom Red Baron fighter?

  • I’d like to eventually start customizing my 1914 pieces(a shame only the infantry were individual sculpts O.O.B.) I’ve seen some tanks, a few naval, even airships, but there only seems to be a few custom fighter pieces for this game. I’ve found some fokker biplanes on shapeways, and F3Fs, and a Sopwith Camel tri-plane, but the Red Baron is proving elusive(seems fitting).
    Any one have a lead on a nicely detailed Red Baron triplane that is the same scale? I have found one on shapeways but it is close to 2 inches.

    Thanks in advance!

    The Big E

  • Think I found em.
    Fokker dr1
    By Decapod Models

    Just not sure on the scale, there is s few different sizes.

  • @The-Big-E Historical Board Gaming on Shapeways has the best option for a Red Baron fighter plane. Fits well with OOB planes and after painting up red and decaling looks great.

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