• Hello all. I haven’t posted in a while. Apologies if this is spam. I’ve read the rules for this version a million times but I can’t seem to determine the rules about submerging.

    It states clearly that destroyers do not negate submerging but they do negate first strike.
    I guess what I’m asking is: 1. When are attacking or defending subs allowed to submerge allowed to submerge?

    2. Also there is a clause that states that defending submarines can choose to fire after attacking units have rolled to attack. If there are units that have scored one hit on one defending submarine does it still have the submerge option or does it have to shoot back like normal and die? I’m so confused. Sorry if this is spam again.

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    Is not spam is a question 🙂

    so if sub is attacked by a DD it has to take it’s lumps and then has the choice to shoot back or submerge. If it shoots back, then the DD, if not slayed, gets to attack again ( along with the rest of the gang ).

    So sub attacks, surviving defender units fire back. Sub is attacked with no DD, sub can submerge or fire back. Sub attacked with DD, sub has to take a round of shots and then can submerge or fire back.

  • Barney, thank you so much. That was so much simpler than this rulebook. I can swear that even global has simpler rules regarding subs. Haha.

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    Sorry, barney, but that’s not entirely accurate.  Defending subs must endure one round of attacker fire before they can submerge whether or not the attacker has a destroyer.  See the FAQ for extensive information about subs.

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    No reason to apologize Krieghund, I appreciate the correction.

    To think i’ve been playing it wrong all these years  😛

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