Excellent History Podcast on ww2 Japan

  • Hey Guys,

    I don’t know how many of you guys are familiar with Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast, but it’s basically a lengthy series of episodes some 4-6 hours long describing historical events or subjects. He previously did a series devoted to the Eastern Front of ww2 (not currently available for free), and his series on the first World War _Blueprint For Armageddon_was what really got me hooked on that period.
    Anyway, I came back from a vacation and found he’s just started a series on Japan in the Second World War called Supernova in the East. Started listening to the first episode, and so far would heavily recommend it. Yeah they’re long, but he’s an excellent storyteller and they’re pretty engaging, check it out.



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    Still in the middle of listening to it (about an hour and a half in).

    I’m a fan of hardcore history, but it takes me forever to get through his podcasts because they’re just so long. I’d just have them on in the background as noise while I do other things, but what he says is interesting enough to demand my full attention most of the time.

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