• I have a stubborn, egotistical friend who usually plays Germany against me. When I attack one of his submarines  he’ll say “My sub submerged!” and that it can’t be attacked. I don’t really understand the rules on submersion very much so I can’t really argue with him. Can I just have a layout of all the rules on submersion?

  • He has to get thru one round of attacks, after which he can submerge

  • Tell him to show you the rulebook!?!

    As stated, he must survive one round of combat before submerging.

    Thoes426 :evil:

  • Doesn’t that depend on what you attack with? If you attack with another sub, then he has to take that first shot before he can submerge. But if you attack with a destroyer, he can dive before you shoot. Am I not correct? I hope not, cause I’d really like to get some shots at those darn subs …  :evil:

  • Not really. All the units that can attack a sub, they attack as normal. The defending sub can only attack after the first round of attack. If you have any questions on the ruling, you can download the rules from www.avalonhill.com

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