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China question

  • can the usa set up forces in china?

    can they launch attacks from china?

    can they build Industrial complexes in china?


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    can the usa set up forces in china?

    The US cannot mobilize units in China. They cannot even replace the Flying Tiger.
    They can land air units or troops from a transport there of course.


    can they launch attacks from china?

    Once they landed units there, they can.


    can they build Industrial complexes in china?

    By the rules “You can place new industrial complexes in any territory that you have controlled since the start of your turn and that has an income value of
    at least 1.”
    There is no way USA can control a Chinese territory. When taking a Chinese territory from an Axis player, this territory is liberated for China.

  • thanks…

    so I can move as many forces into china that I want, but I cannot build an industrial complex there because its not my land…got it…thanks

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