• After an ally receives their income, can they give their IPC’s to the ally whose turn is next? I mean, once the USSR gets its money on the first turn, can it give it over to Britain so it has more to spend? This can go on and on, with America paying for Soviet troops and Britain giving America its income. It helps alittle, with the Allies making their finances so fluid, but now that I think about it, it doesn’t seem like it could be allowed by the rules. Anyone?

  • Making it so the allies could give money to each other would rig the game in favor of the allies.  Everyone would give their money to Russia and it would become more powerful than Germany making the game maybe impossible for the Germans to win.

  • Us and UK may send as much units they can deliver to USSR territories, and in USSR non-combat move this units are turned into Russians. This to reflect the historical correct Leand/Lease, and all the problems of convoying this units into Russian soil.

    To let the Allies shere IPC income, will destroy the game for sure, and is a madman idea.

  • @Adlertag:

    To let the Allies shere IPC income, will destroy the game for sure, and is a madman idea.

    Well, that’s the way I played until the other day.  When my friend taught me the rules he honestly thought the allies could share funds.  I finally questioned it on Friday after he bought 5 fighters and six tanks for the Soviet Union.  Apparently, either he and his dad glanced at the rules about allied soldiers being turned into Soviets when in a Russian province and thought sharing of IPCs was allowed, or his dad just pulled a fast one on him.  (The first time my friend played he was Germany.)  However, before that point we had never used that rule to its fullest extent, since we normally had another player and no one wants to give all their income away.

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