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G40- Neutral Alignment

  • Allied to you:
    1: Joins the war. Pick one nation from your Alliance for this neutral country to become part of
    2: Members of this Alliance may move units through this country and may move air units over this country. If this is Turkey, members of this Alliance may move through the Bosphorus. Members of this Alliance may use the bases of this country.
    3: Members of this Alliance may use the bases of this country on a roll of 4-6 on a D6.

    Members of your Alliance may not move into or through this country. They may use the bases of this country on a roll of a 6 on a D6 by paying 6 IPCs. If the alliance opposing you has allied this country at a level 2, you may never use bases in this country.

    To move one of these neutrals up, roll 2 D12 and multiply that total by the IPC value of the territory. If the Allies move a neutral up, then the Axis are moved down by one, and vice versa. The Soviet Union operates independently of this. Neutrals are also moved up one based on how many territories adjacent to them you control (to represent how impressed they are with your performance and therefore willing to join you.)  To move a neutral down on an enemy�s chart, roll 2 D12 and multiply that by the IPC value of the territory. The Allies and Soviets can move neutrals down on each other�s charts. For every Victory City captured by your alliance, move one neutral of your choice up by one.

    The old rules about ‘if you attack a strict neutral, the other strict neutrals turn against you’ does not operate here.
    Also, this only affects strict neutrals. Pro-Allies Neutrals and Pro-Axis Neutrals are unaffected.

  • I recommend using Charles de Gaulle’s neutral setup with this!

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