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  • OK so, first of all, I’m a  beginner at this game. While I’ve been playing a lot of Spring42, I only played 2 games of WW1. To try some moves out I started a game with myself with OBB rules + low luck. After German moves, I have this situation:

    -Holland: 1 infantry, 4 artillery, one fighter;
    -Ruhr: 6 infantry;
    -Alsace: 13 infantry, 3 artillery;
    -Switzerland: 11 infantry, 6 artillery.

    The British navy has been totally destroyed, with 2 cruisers and 1 damaged battleship in SZ9, 2 sub’s in SZ2 and one sub in SZ10

    The idea behind this is to put pressure or both France, who has to defend Belgium, Lorraine and Burgundy, and Italy, who has to defend Piedmont and counter Austria-Hungary’s attack on Venice.

    Now it’s France’s turn and I have no idea how to properly defend my territories without abandoning Italy to its doom.

    I hope I haven’t made too many mistakes, sorry for my bad English anyway and thank you in advance for your answers.

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    The GB navy being destroyed is common, but GB will replace it while G focuses its purchases of ground troops. This allows GB to reinforce France and/or Russia as it decides.

    Beyond that G must decide whether to go east or west. Whichever way it is going, that target retreats and consolidates while the other enemy makes as much a nuisance of itself as it can. Retreating on inf reinforcements is a powerful strategy in a game that seeks to capture the challenge of trenches. The attacking power is disadvantaged and must keep pouring reinforcemenrs forward if its attack is not to falter.

    In my experience of perhaps a dozen games G will not win by going west. GB and later US find it relatively easy to get to Paris or the Med, while the CPs have to build back in their capitals.

    Not looking at the map but I hope that helps.

  • 2 things.  I don’t use low luck rolling.  It only works if both sides have equal units fighting.  Take this into account,
    attacking 2 CA vs. 1 SS.  With low luck its an automatic win.  But without, there is only a 75% of a hit .  Also, how
    do you handle the sub’s option to submerge - he has might as well fight - he is sunk otherwise.

    Second, as a German player, I have found best to not invade Holland or Denmark, they are much better as a defensive buffer against possible invading Brits than the 2 IPC points they provide.

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    Germany is very smart for going the Italy route. You might have trouble there.

    Generally, France can hold off Germany 1v1 long enough for the Americans to start shoveling reinforcements into Europe starting turn 4. France should survive as long as you don’t waste resources on unnecessary offensive adventures.

    As for the UK, their best best would be to focus on destroying the Ottomans ASAP. It takes one of the CP Economies out of the game permanently, takes pressure off Russia, and gives the Allies a back-door into Austria and Germany via the Balkans, which will force them to divert resources from the Western Front, which will inevitably win the game for you.

    If Germany is going all-in after France, I’d recommend Russia put pressure on Austria and the Ottomans. Their economies are relatively small, so the slightest bit of pressure on them may be enough to save Italy from Austria (because Austria will have to divert resources to dealing with Russia) and accelerate the destruction of the Ottomans by the British, as I mentioned above.

    Basically, play France/Italy as if they were Russia in any other A&A game, and play the other Allies more aggressively, picking off the weaker Central Powers before taking on Germany.

  • ITALY is the key, as it controls SZ17.  If the TRIPLE ALLIANCE can control, then they are in position to keep FRANCE out of the Balkans - and possibly get the OTTOMANS into Egypt.

    In my opinion German/AH/Ottoman player has a tough time with game.  There are a couple of house rules to help.
    Add a German cruiser to SZ26 (Indian Ocean fleet).  Change 2 Russian CA to Sub and Cruiser, change 2 Ottoman CA to Cruiser and Transport, and add 1 German sub to SZ18 (represents German submarine activity in the Med).  Change mine hits on transports that they can be absorbed by a loss of a load (when you think about it, how could a whole convoy of transports all be sunk by a mine field - only some would be lost - the loss of a load represents a partial sinking of ships).  Russia cannot attack Ottomans on the first turn, but can move into/through SZ20 without suffering a mine attack.

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    Carolina, are you in North Carolina? PM me if you are.  I’m in n. Carolina, fort bragg.

  • I have never seen the Central powers take Paris. Usually they go east as Russia is isolated.
    However, France if given time to build up, will become a monster with a lot of US and possible british support.
    I have playes several games where Russia falls and the Central powers just give up anyway.

    It is very tough for the Central powers. If you have new players and experienced ones do let the veterans play CP.

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