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    Hey all!

    Been gone for a while. Out of town for work for about a month (I’m a paralegal and was in trial).

    Have been wondering about this for a while, and curious on people’s thoughts for balance. Simple house-rule (on its face at least): allow all Allies/Axis/ComIntern to have full access to each of their allies’ bases. Airbases, naval bases, scrambling ability, naval movement, etc. I should maybe clarify “full access” to mean anything other than the creation of new units from said bases.

    Basic question I have is, how do you think this might affect balance? Is this something that is overwhelmingly an advantage for the Allies, giving the USA the ability to utilize forward bases and assist more quickly on the front lines? Or do you see this as something that makes no big difference? I see the ComIntern having the least amount of advantage gained by this ability.

    Realistically speaking, allies using each others’ bases in this game context is a thing that really happened. By that I mean, true, maybe USA and UK aircraft didn’t stay at the same airbases, but both would have had airbases available to them in the UK, for example.

    The other solution to this might be to allow allies to build bases on territories they do not own. So you might have a UK and a USA airbase on the same territory, for example, allowing both nations to scramble fighters and utilize base for movement advantages. You could still limit the amount of scrambling aircraft of course, but this would allow allied planes the chance to help defend more properly.

    Thoughts on balance issues?

  • Hey!

    When I first bought GW36 years ago, my group misread the rules and played the first dozen games with “full access to allies bases”. Since then we’ve played both “full access” house rule and vanilla rules, without significant balance issues.

    With full access, USA shuttles troops to UK quicker. But the USA lands somewhere in Europe anyway and therefore full access doesn’t affect anything.

    Eventually we settled on “Full Access to Allies Bases” as a house rule, and we like it.
    It’s more historical, for the navy it doesn’t take the American fleet a full year to get back to America. For air forces…we figure that even if historically the Commonwealth and the USA didn’t share air bases; we assume Normandy had more then 1 air base, so in game everyone benefits.

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